I know. I know.
With all that is going on in the World and in my Life right now,
If someone even mentioned Christmas to me in the middle of November,
I would react with somewhat of a bristle!
I would shrug them off.
I might even be tempted to put up my hand at them and shout, “NO!”
Who wants to hear about Christmas right now, anyway!?

Well, I Do.
I just can’t get over the idea that the Saving of the World is worth Celebrating!
I really like the idea that the World was Saved some two thousand years ago,
And that we actually have nothing to worry about, as the World is Already Saved!
I Love That!
That thought brings me Peace!

If you do not believe in or follow the teachings of JESUS CHRIST — even if you take issue with the whole Idea of that — you are still Welcome to Celebrate CHRISTMAS!
You are Welcome to Celebrate KINDNESS
And the Idea that Whatever Cosmic Goo we all Come From that makes this 98% Water and 2% Dust get up and walk around still takes an Interest in us on this tiny Planet in Peril and we are Not Alone,
And we are Not Doomed to have an AssHole President Forever,
And the World CAN BE SAVED!

Street Decorations aren’t lit yet, but they’re up.

And Celebrating all of that with some Bright Lights and Tinsel and getting together with People we Love is actually a really Worthy Idea! Anytime of Year!


So, I know that most stores are all decked out already and the Street Decorations are Up,
And I turn my gaze from them because it is simply too early for me to take all that in, and that is just about selling product in America at the end of Capitalism.
And None of that is the point of Christmas!

The Gift that we all have is TIME! The NOW.
It doesn’t cost anything!
It is Given to Us!

Scaffolding for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is Up

So many of us long for the Christmases of Days gone by…
A Simpler Time,
When the World seemed to stop for awhile, and Magic happened!
Well, there is still Magic!
And we can still have So Many of those experiences.
Today, it just takes a bit more planning…

As of Today, we have 40 Days…
Plenty of Time!
Pause. Right Now.
Take a Deep Breath.
Plenty of Time.
In Fact, in this Moment — this NOW — we have Everything we need.

Back in the Day, Christmas was a more Magical and Enchanting Time,
Full of Wonder!
What made it that way had everything to do with the JOY of Giving and really taking people in…
Nowadays, it often seems as if there is no time,
And so we rush to make a purchase,
Often last minute, paying premium shipping costs.
If we only had some Thinking Time!
What JOY Giving used to Be… To have sought out something Meaningful for a Loved One!
It’s a Really Good Feeling!

Well, 40 Days is a Lot of Time!
Even taking an hour a day… That would add up to a full 40-hours! That’s like a Work Week!
Even just taking an Hour…
Even Just Five Minutes…
Even Just Two Minutes…

Skaters are Out — it’s a Good Time to Go! No Lines…

So, why not Give YourSelf the Gift of a Full-Of-Wonder Holiday Season!
Take some time — this Weekend perhaps.
Sit Down and write out your Christmas List!
No Fear!
Let Go of any Negative Energy surrounding the Holiday!
There is No Pressure in this Moment — Now.

Begin by Writing Out the List of the People for whom you are Most Grateful in Your Life!
Then, take a few moments for each name, and Think About that Person, and what they might like — what would make them Happy!
Think About your Relationship.
If you could give that Person Anything in the World, what might it be?
Connect with their Spirit and let their Spirit tell your Spirit what they really would Like!
And if it’s something you cannot afford to buy — perhaps you can make them something.
There’s Time! Now.

“It’s the Thought that Counts.”
YES! But that doesn’t mean, “I thought I had to give you something and so I’m done; Leave me Alone Now.”
It is intended to mean this part of it.
The part where we think a bit on that person and what we Love about them and that for which we are Grateful about them…
And what they might really Like!
Then, whatever your budget or situation might allow, or not…
Create Something — perhaps a Gift of Words,
Or Art,
Or Some Treasured Possession,
Or Some small trinket representative of what you Love about this Person, and even more importantly, taking in what They Love!

Make your List!
And there is Time to Make this Christmas a Season of Giving and Wonder and Surprises and Delights!
And isn’t that the whole point?

And don’t forget to support small Local Businesses

#  #  #

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  1. Ah…I love this, Arnold! Thank you.


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