This Year’s Tree…

I know. I have been unusually silent on here for Christmas time! There are so many wonderful things to be said about this magical holiday season of Miracles! And ordinarily, I cannot stop saying them!

2020 has been an exceptionally Magical year, giving us time to pause, reflect and reassess how we spend the precious little time we have on this Earth. This Holiday Season has very much followed suit. Shaking it up! Giving us a different way to look at things we have grown accustomed to doing some particular way.

For so many of us, the Christmas Season happens by rote. Every Year it’s the same: Shop, Decorate, Tree, Cards, Wrap, Ship, Family, Cook, Collapse… Nope – Not this Year! This Year we will need to find what is important to us and figure out how to hang on to that!

My Partner & I agreed that since we were not seeing folks in person this Christmas, we would need to get all our packages shipped out to our large extended families early in the season so they could have them for Christmas morning. That is not my usual bent. For me, if things make it in the mail by December 25th, I am thrilled…

Our Christmas Cactus in all it’s Blooming Glory

We celebrate all Twelve Days of Christmas, and I have always felt that if gifts are sent and arrive anytime during that period, all is well! When I was a kid, my brother’s godparents would come visit Christmas week and bring us large wonderful gifts! And it was so exciting to still have presents to look forward to after the big rush of excitement and unwrapping on Christmas morning had subsided. So, I always think of it as a kind of Bonus if presents arrive a bit later.

But this year, it seemed important to have our shipping out in time for Christmas morning. Many People were not travelling and people’s Christmases might be quieter than they have known before. And since we usually see so many family and friends during the Holiday time enabling gifts to be given in person, it I meant that this year there would be a Lot more shipping — our living room turned into something resembling an Amazon warehouse for a good period of time this month.

It was worth it.

So much Magic, delivered…

So many Miracles rained down upon us with serendipitous shipping discounts and other bonuses to help us through the process.

The prophet Barbra Streisand tells us, “At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist.” Yes! This has been my experience in so many things. I told my partner that I imagined by the week before Christmas, we would be sitting around with nothing to do… That, of course, turned out not to be the case. I find that the more willing I am to express Joy and share Love, the more opportunities come to me to do so… Law of Attraction! Somehow, we have fit in Baking Pumpkin Bread, Stroufeli, Flo’s cheese ball, Cookies of various kinds, Toys and Gifts and Happiness everywhere!

EggNog Cream Cheese

I even figured out a recipe for EGGNOG CREAM CHEESE:

1 8oz package of Cream Cheese, softened

½ cup of Sugar

¼ cup EggNog

½ tsp Rum Extract

¼ tsp Nutmeg

1/8 tsp Cinnamon…

Cream it all together with an electric mixer & chill. If you want it fluffier, you can whip ¼ cup of Heavy Cream and fold it into the Cream Cheese mixture, but then you will not be able to stop eating it. You would need to chill it for 2 to 3 hours, except that probably won’t happen. Enjoy!

It has been a JoyFest, but like most JoyFests, more time-consuming than one might expect, more calories than one intended to consume, and also, like most JoyFests, worth every moment!

I have been offering a few videos on FaceBook Live this past week, reflecting upon this Holiday Season… I posted these videos in our Facebook Group at GRATEFUL READY OPEN WILLING, and I am inspired to share them here as well, via our YouTube Channel…

The Day Before The Night Before Christmas:

Boxing Day:

The Fourth Day of Christmas:

Today is the Fifth Day of Christmas. For most of us, it is a quieter time of the Holiday Season, and after New Year’s Day, it will grow more subdued still. Don’t rush to take it all down and put it away.

So often in our lives, there are so many problems and so much turmoil which we find ourselves just sitting in, instead of taking action to get ourselves to a better place. Why not just let ourselves sit in the Joy that is Christmas, at least for a few extra days – Sit in the Beauty and the Lights and perhaps the disarray… Sit in the SnowGlobe of Miracles… “The virgin will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and they will name him Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.” – Matthew 1:23 Sit in knowing we are not alone in any of this. “God with Us”

Our Door this Year… Because it came just the same…

Although I always believe this, it would seem that this year more than any other time in our Lifetimes, there is not so much to rush back to, that would make it worth disassembling and taking down the tree earlier than necessary.

Bask in the Miracles All Twelve Days!

Let us Celebrate the Miracle of our Lives!

Wishing everyone a Beautiful, Joyful, Enlightening Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Annette Niemtzow

     /  December 30, 2020

    Happy holidays, Arnold. Glad you are safe. May 2021 be an easier year. Love, Annette and Eve

  2. Arnold !!!! Thank you for this beautiful post.,reminding us to hold to the center of our hearts with all the joy love can bring .this IS the time of year to shift into the beauty that is always all around us. Thank you dear man for embodying the true Spirit of Christmas and keeping the flame ablaze! Xoxos love you so much !

    ❤️ Christy B

  3. Catherine L Matthews

     /  December 31, 2020

    As difficult as this year has been for us all, you remind us of the resilience of the Human Spirit and the one true gift that lives on – Love. Thank you, my friend. (By the way, plan to keep up my Christmas decorations until Valentine’s Day!! Enjoying the color and light.)


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