Messier Than Usual


Step Forward. It’s Messy!

As folks mostly know, this is Messy March!
Oh, I realize we are nearly a week into April!
And Celebrating Messy March in April… isn’t That Messy!???

Messy March is a Season I celebrate, and it is not literally the 31 Days of March, so much as it is a state of Permission to Make Mistakes, Try Stuff, Take a Risk, and Make a Mess.
I celebrate Messy March every year, and the timing is always So Perfect! It seems to show up just when it’s needed Most!

Not satisfied with where things are?
Take a Risk!
Make a Mess!
Boldly Dare!
Rarely do we risk everything and witness every next step of our Journey going smoothly.
When we brazenly risk, we shake things up!
And the first step of an improvement or a change of course can often be Mess
The Possibility for something new begins at the end of our Comfort Zone!
It’s the stuff we need to do that we don’t know how to do that will lead us to the next phase of our Journey.
And here we are
In the Messy Middle!
In the April of Messy March!
This March has been So Messy that I haven’t even had time to publish this post until Now!
My friend RICK, whom you may have read about in previous Messy March Posts  and who was the Inspiration for this Season’s Creation, has been equally swamped and it looks like we shall be celebrating this year’s Messy March sometime later this month!
And we invite You to do the same!


Get in there and Reorganize It!


Spice Cabinet all Messy?

Are you looking at a pile of Half Done Projects?
I currently have a Half Written Book, a half-developed Interactive Website, an about-to-be-started PodCast, a Coaching Business, this Blog, the KonMarie process of Letting Go, and countless other Projects underway at various stages of development!
Life is very Full with Work and my Office and Taking Care of MOM and All Kinds of Other Daily and ongoing responsibilities.
The News floods my brain and seems to get more disturbing every day…
And then there is just the Physical Mess!

It’s All OK!
It’s All OK!
A week or two ago, I was rushing to work for an appointment with my accountant.
I noticed an elderly man having trouble at a doorway into a restaurant. I stopped and asked him if he needed help, and he exclaimed thankfully and with a sigh of relief, “Oh, YES! YES! Thank You So Much!” as he shifted his weight and leaned onto me.
“Are you going in here?” I asked him about the doorway at which he was standing.
“No,” he corrected me.
“Here?” I asked him about the next doorway?
“No,” he continued. “McDonalds!”
“MCDONALDS???” I asked him in surprise, as that was several blocks away and this man could barely walk.
“Thank You,” he said again, as he shifted all his weight more heavily onto me.
And we walked… Slowly! Painstakingly!


Reorganize the Entire Kitchen Pantry!!! (I did this at a friend’s house!)

I had just done my WAYNE DYER AHHHHH Meditation, which is quite a Wonderful Tool for Manifestation!
I was deeply and intently focused on manifesting Income Flow!
I was very Clear in my intention of Abundance, Prosperity and Immediate Income!
Then I left my apartment and here I am ten minutes later with this elderly man not particularly adept at using his cane who is leaning his total body weight onto me and wants me to nearly carry him several blocks.
I must confess the thought crossed my mind that, as he was so weak, maybe he was a millionaire and he was going to die while I was holding him (seemed like a realistic possibility, based on his present physical state), and if he had no next of kin, perhaps he would leave me all that he had!
Well, I’m not proud of it, but it did cross my mind!
He told me that he had fallen in his bathtub and was there for sixteen hours before his daughter who lives in New Jersey came and found him.
Ah well, there is a next of kin!
“May this never happen to you!” he prayed over me!

The further we walked the weaker he got, and the slower he moved, leaning more heavily upon me.
I slipped my phone into my other hand and dialed 911. It seemed he was going to need medical attention.
We got closer to McDonalds and as we approached, two young Muslim girls greeted him with great concern in the street.
“What happened?” they asked.
They explained to me that that they work there and they know him — he comes every day.
We got him inside and sat him down.
A few other elderly folks there — also daily visitors — knew him, as well.
The medics arrived, and I explained to them what had happened and what I knew.
I left him in their capable hands and emailed my accountant that I would now be approximately an hour late for our meeting, due to a medical emergency.


Make a Lasagna! …Messy!


…And Delicious!

The message was Clear and it was a Mess!
Not a Mess would be that I meditated on the manifestation of Immediate Income and Abundance, and walked outside to find a bag of gold.
Mess is when you find something Better!
Yes! The Universe did answer my prayer!
But the answer was not, “Here’s money!”
The answer was “Be of Service! That is My Plan for You!”
Much Messier!
Doesn’t solve any immediate problems — except that it does, as it reminds me that we are here on this planet for more than just money!
And at the same time it kind of turns the world on its ear because aren’t we taught that money solves everything and that that is the solution.
It’s almost like my Question about Income was answered with a Question about Who I Am and Who I Wish to Be.
I prayed the Question, “May I have Income Flow and Abundance?”
And the Question came back, “Will you be of Service? Are you Willing to make this total Stranger In Need a Priority Right Now?”
And one of the Great Lessons of Messy March is “SAY YES!”
It doesn’t even matter what the Question is!
Just throw away everything we’ve learned!
Throw away all of the answers we think we have!
Let Go of all of the Conclusions we’ve drawn!
And Embrace a Beginner’s Mindset!
And Welcome!
“Those who remember always that they know nothing and who have become willing to learn everything, will learn it!”
So, Let’s admit that we know nothing,
And Learn!
Let’s get scraped knees climbing trees and get all messy in the sandbox!
Let’s let that ice cream cone drip down our shirt just because we are enjoying it so much!
Lets’ Take Life in Both Hands,
And Say YES!
Say, “I am Grateful for You Every Day!”
And Kiss it So Deeply!
And Know what it is to Fall in Love with Life all over again!
We know this, for sure — it’s Messy!


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  1. I love this, Arnold, and bless you for the reminder that in service we are enriched.


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