The Present Moment

I have been told that Blog Posts are generally significantly shorter than the kind of writing I do. And while never one to conform, it occurs to me that occasionally a Brief Thought can be just enough to make someone’s day.
And so, for Today, I am offering the following Brief Thought…
(and who knows, if I get a few more of these underbelt, I might even develop a Twitter Feed!)

Today is a Gift!
That’s why they call it the Present!

It’s about two weeks until Christmas!
And very much in spite of the commercial push to get us to buy things which now begins at Labor Day, I grew up in a World in which even these first two weeks of December were considered very much Ordinary Time.
Back then, we lived more in the Present Moment!

Part of growing up was a focus on the current meal,
And simply trusting that there would be Income and Food and Abundance for the next meal!
Back then, it would have been unlikely for anyone to be planning Christmas Dinner in early December.
Today, I have had these plans underway for weeks.
But it is important to not miss the Joy and Abundant Miracle of today’s Dinner!
Today is an Ordinary Day…
Another Ordinary Miracle,
With Eyes and Legs and Voices and the Sun in the Sky, and Trees and a Transportation System and Music and Laughter and Color and Light…

I had two Shows Open last week,
And now I am heading up to MOM’s to spend the day with her and make her dinner.
I expect I shall make fish.
She likes fish!
(Well, what she really likes is Pasta and Potatoes and Ice Cream,
But the Fish is Good for Her!)
So, Fish with Arrancini, Broccoli, Potatoes… and Ice Cream, of course, for Dessert!
(That menu may change.)
And while I shall take some time to look at the menu and logistics of the Christmas Holiday ahead, I must make sure to be Fully Present for Today!
Today is when the Miracles occur.
The Point of Power is in the Present Moment.
Always NOW!

Or as RAM DAS puts it,
“Prolong Not the Past.
Invite Not the Future.
Don’t alter your Innate Wakefulness.
Don’t Fear Appearances.
There’s Nothing More than That.”

There is So Much to worry about!
Financial Insecurity is a big one for most of us these days.
Health Issues are a concern.
Work worries can take over our brains if we let them.
And yet, all of these things are for Later.

Red Snapper for MOM

Take a Deep Breath.
Do you have Everything you need Right Now In This Present Moment?
Take another Breath!
Now is all we have.

All is Well!

# # #

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  1. You add such wonderful things to the world with your words, Arnold. Thank you!


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