Create a Miracle

Our Beloved Friend, BRENDA


Our good friend BRENDA passed away
after a rather brutal battle with cancer.

She defined “Fabulous” — had a sense of style and a Joie de Vivre like no one I have ever known!

When she had been in the hospital a few weeks, this last time, the Doctors took her off treatment — it was an experimental treatment and they had determined that in her current state, she was too weak to tolerate it.
She was suffering, and her devoted wife, MICHÉLE, (who lived in that confined hospital room by her side for three months until the very end) sent me this text:

“Want to work real magic? I want a scaled down version of Total Experience Gospel Choir from Seattle to come and sing in Brenda’s Hospital Room. After 25 plus years, they just ended performing. Brenda Loves them…they just ended 6 days ago so maybe have some flame left…I emailed but couldn’t find the power to reach them otherwise.”

I did not know this Group, but steadfastly I began my research.
I emailed every address I could find, and continued until at last I found a phone number. I called and spoke with one of the Loveliest Angels I have met in this World!
I explained that I wanted to hire a few members of the Group, if there were any way to gather them or get in touch, and asked if they would do such a thing.
“Well, first of all, you don’t have to be ‘hiring’ us. This is our ministry. This is what we do.”
We were able to make a donation to the continued ministry of the choir, which, of course, we did.
She knew the hospital and the building, and had a group together within 24 hours.
REVEREND PATRINELL WRIGHT, the Founder & for 45 years, the Leader of the TOTAL EXPERIENCE GOSPEL CHOIR appeared herself.
By BRENDA’s Bedside, wrapped in hospital gowns, she and the Group Members sang an uplifting and inspiring, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” followed by a deeply soothing “Amazing Grace.” Then, ever-so-softly, she instructed, “Two Words!” inviting BRENDA to join her in song,
Proclaiming over and over again the two words, “Yes, Lord!” singing into a state of Acceptance and Total Jubilation.

MICHÉLE wrote to me, “This allowed Brenda the freedom to weep for the 1st time in 3 months in a safe place. A gift for which there are no words”

I invite you to
Create a Miracle!
Make Someone’s Day!
Shortly before the TOTAL EXPERIENCE Angels appeared, MICHELE told one of the nurses that they had asked me to get this Gospel Choir to come there to her bedside, and BRENDA perked up from her bed and told the nurse in no uncertain terms, “And he’s gonna’ do it, Too!”
And You can do it too!
Is there someone in need of a Miracle?
Make it Happen!
That word is way more than just a logo for the Macy*s Santa Claus!
Let us Believe in one another, and in the sick and helpless and in those in need or who are temporarily without homes…
Believe in those who need our help!
Believe in the Difference we can make in one another’s Lives!
And Create a Miracle for Someone!
Reach Out!
Do some Research!
Find someone you can ask!
And make someone’s Dream Come True!
Grant a Wish!
Make Magic!
Make a Difference!

It’s comin’ on Christmas!
There is no River to skate away on and nothing away from which to skate!
But we can take a moment right Now and make a List of Five People we know, or know of, who are in need of a Miracle in their Lives. And we can make One!

Let’s Be Present!
Let’s Help Someone!
Let’s not wait until we are very rich or have the time or feel like we have more clout!

Let’s Create Miracles!

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  1. Arnold, you are a miracle. Thank you for sharing this. It truly opened my heart. It was a blessing just as you are. 💜


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