I LOVE this Holiday!
I know!
I know!
It Celebrates undocumented immigrants coming to America!
Quite Controversial, nowadays!
And there are concerns about what the European Settlers did to the Wampanoag Native Americans after they arrived…
America has some sordid history.
In fact, historians more recently suggest that the GivingThanks Day Meal is a footnote in history — a very small mention in a Journal of the time.
But Giving Thanks is a Big Concept!

And even with all of that taken into account…
A Day to Celebrate Giving Thanks!
GivingThanks Day!
What could be more Beautiful than that!

What a Lovely Day to keep a Gratitude Journal!
What a Lovely Day to make a List of the things for which we are Grateful!
What a Marvelous time to shift our focus away from having what we want
And onto Wanting what we Have.

This Holiday gets somewhat awash with the preparation of the Feast!
We are chopping vegetables and brining turkeys, boiling cranberries and mashing potatoes…
But what if, perhaps in the midst of all these GivingThanks Day tasks, we took twenty minutes out to Meditate or to Pray — to Meditate specifically on all that for which we are Grateful!
Count all our Blessings!
See the Richness and Abundance Everywhere!
And Just Celebrate How Blessed we Are!
What if we made that the essence of our Holiday?
Giving Thanks!

And please note that the GivingThanks Day Holiday is a Four-Day-Long Weekend!
So, you didn’t get to Meditate on Thursday?
Try Friday! Or Any Day after that!
Or Every Day after that!

One of the many things that is So Despicable about dONALD tRUMP is his rallying cries
About how it’s never enough!
The Greed is insatiable,
And so pointless and unrewarding!
What a recipe for Unhappiness!

The Zen Concept is that the Hole of Want can never be Filled —
We all have it
And most of what we throw down there, thinking it will make us Happy, just goes right out the other side!

This Holiday is about something else!
It’s about Joyfully Embracing all that we have and being Grateful for it!

So let us Meditate Today in Gratitude!
This past Summer, I reconnected with the Power of Mediation.
The Very Marvelous WAYNE DYER has an AHHHH Meditation.

“AHHHH” he tells us is the sound of Creation!
Every Name we have for GOD contains this sound:
…it is also the sound a Human makes when they create another Human…

My Partner, DAMON, introduced me to this Meditation.
It was on a WAYNE DYER CD I had given him for Christmas many years ago, to which he had only recently listened for the very first time.
My Lease at my Office was coming due.
I needed to find a new office in Manhattan that was affordable.
One Morning, DAMON asked me if I would like to do this Meditation with him.
I asked him if he would like to meditate to create a New Office Space for me. “Wherever two or more are gathered in My name…”
So, we did.
Afterward I told him I could see it! I received a very Clear Visualization of my New Office. I described it as sort of my own room, but somehow part of another room. And there was a green couch-like thing. And my friend RUTH was there — it wasn’t her office, but her presence was somehow there, even though she wasn’t physically there. And it was Affordable!
That very day I was introduced to a man who was looking for an office mate.
He is a Lovely Human Being.
He explained to me that the office is in a building in Times Square, and there is an office room and a conference room, so it would be sort of my own room, but somehow part of another room. My assistant looked up the building address online, and one of the first images that came up was a terrace filled with mostly blue chairs and a green couch-like thing.

It’s a Green Kind-of-a Couch-Thing,in the midst of all the blue ones,  just like I visualized

And then, this man asks me about one of the shows that I worked on and tells me that he knows my friend RUTH!
I approach the issue of rent, and I tell him what I can afford to pay.
“Yeah! That oughta’ be fine!” he says.

Mediation is Powerful Stuff!
And So, on this Day set aside for Giving Thanks — on this Weekend set aside for Giving Thanks — let us Meditate in Gratitude!
Let us Create an Experience of Gratitude!

Food and Shelter
SunLight and StarLight
The Sky and the Grass and the Splendid Changing Colors of the Leaves
The People in our Lives
The Friends and Family
Being Human
Every Glorious Miracle that we Enjoy…
But it is a Day to reach beyond even That,
And Give Thanks for all of the things we take for Granted!
And Even to Give Thanks for those things we perceive as Challenges
Or Burdens…
The Question is not “Why is this happening TO me?”
The Question is “Why is this happening FOR me?”

Giving Thanks!
Giving Thanks Day!

#  #  #

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