Respect — Have It!

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People Fought and several even gave their Lives so that we could have this Right!
Celebrate That!
Receive that Gift!
Recognize that many People in other Countries do not get to do this!

The week after tRUMP was elected, one of my students who was from China said that all of her friends in New York were really upset, but that she and her other friends from China shrugged at everyone’s outrage saying, “Oh, well we never get to pick anyway! You guys are so Lucky that you even get a choice!”

It’s a privilege to Vote!
And it is a sign of Respect toward those who went before us and fought for this!
Have It!

“One Person. One Vote. That is the thing they have not been able to get around!”
There are lots of reports of Voter Suppression going on.
Fight Back!
Exercise your own Right to Vote!

JOHN OLIVER, awhile back, summed up Voter Suppression through the tightening of Voter ID Laws:

SETH MEYERS, as usual, puts it in perspective:

In fact Today, there is a 35-hour LiveStream Marathon of every A CLOSER LOOK since tRUMP took Office… 35 Hours! Tune In…

There’s a Wonderful Film entitled SUFFRAGETTE,
About Women in London and their fight for the Right to Vote!
A simple internet search revealed it posted on YouTube — the complete Film!
Don’t know how long it will be up, but it would be a Lovely Way to pass the Time this Evening.

A woman who used to work at the polls told me years ago,
“And you know, if they ever tell you that you are not registered or not current or cannot vote, you say these words, loudly and clearly, ‘I DEMAND MY RIGHT TO VOTE!’ and then they have to give you a ballot, even if they hold it until the matter is cleared up — it will be counted!”

Don’t know where to Vote?
Find Out Here:

An image from the Internet, with statistics from our Last Presidential Election

Let’s face it — in this current climate, the Corruption is Unbearable!
The Hate Rhetoric is Unacceptable!
And our Government appears to be in some Jeopardy.
Even if you support dONALD tRUMP, do you really want him to go unchecked?
He has the Executive Branch.
He has taken over the Courts!
Not just the Supreme Court with GORSUCH and KAVANAUGH,
But the Federal Circuit Courts throughout the Land.
He has systematically replaced all of the Liberal Judges with extremely Conservative ones.
GORSUCH was put on the Supreme Court because of his ruling in the frozen trucker case, in which he ruled the Rights of Corporations over the Rights of People to survive. Before that, he wasn’t even on tRUMP’s List.

KAVANAUGH was pushed in because he had gone on record as saying that he sees the President as above and outside of the Law.
That is the only reason, after KAVANAUGH’s abominable behavior at his hearing before the Senate and pack of Lies, the NeoConservatives could not simply replace him with another Conservative Judicial Candidate — Because the Agenda was very specifically to find someone who would allow tRUMP to stay in power after his inevitable indictments.

And so, they have been successful in taking over all three branches of Government:
The Executive Branch, in spite of HILLARY CLINTON winning the Popular Vote by over three million…
The Judicial Branch, in spite of the unsuitability of these last two appointments…
And the Legislative, with a Republican Majority these last six years…

But TODAY, the Sixth of November, 2018,
Get to exercise our Right to Vote,
And potentially take back what will likely be only one half of the Legislative Branch:
The House of Representatives!
But, at least we may make our Voices Heard!
And hopefully this atrocious lack of dignity and grace,
and this dark night of HateSpeak,
will mark one wildly unsuccessful chapter in our Country’s History,
and not its demise.

But without your Vote, it is already over.
They have a majority in all three branches of Government.
It may seem small to get out and vote today to take back what will likely be only half of one.
But it could make all the Difference!

I am so impressed with WE THE PEOPLE’s Voices rising up on Social Media of late, and I am sharing some of what I have seen here below…


LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 18: Protestors demonstrate against the separation of migrant children from their families in front of the Federal Building on June 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 162 undocumented immigrants last week during a three-day operation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)







































































(n.b.: I did not create these and I take no authorship credit. If there is something that is your own, and you would prefer it removed from this Blog, as always, I will be happy to do so.)

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  1. mrdamonb

     /  November 6, 2018

    Great, as usual, Arnold! Thank you for the important reminder to exercise our right to VOTE. PS I LOVED the meme about the forest and the axe…must be the tree lover in me. 😉


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