It’s Noble What We Do

geoffrey-owensGEOFFREY OWENS is a friend of mine.
He is a Class Act — a Wonderful Actor, and an even More Wonderful Human Being!
He achieved some celebrity status when right after graduating from the Yale School of Drama, he played the character of Elvin on THE COSBY SHOW.
I was the Casting Assistant on that show for several seasons, and between that and our mutual social circles, we have known one another some thirty years.

You may have heard some of the hubbub this week, created when some pathetic ignoramus took a picture of GEOFFREY working at Trader Joe’s and in an abuse of social media, attempted to shame him for making an honest living. The even more pathetic ignoramuses at FOX NEWS picked up the story.
And then, as Thanks God still happens in this Country, the People Spoke Out!
People Everywhere spoke up with the OutCry: There is no shame in Honest Work.
In fact, there is Great Honor in it!

You may watch the video of GEOFFREY’s interview with ANDERSON COOPER here:

How Fitting that Labor Day Week,
in which we put aside a Day to honor our Work and the Quality of Work, and those who Work and our Labor itself,
such a Celebration of Life and Work would emerge as so prevalent in the News!

anton-chekhov-Work -5471

A Meme from the Internet

The last time I saw GEOFFREY was a few years ago after his performance in the most recent Broadway Production of ROMEO & JULIET, in which he delivered a performance up to his usual standard of Excellence — a Graceful and Effortless handling of Shakespeare. GEOFFREY is not an actor who merely uses technique to get by — he draws upon his rich and vibrant Life Experience as a Husband, and Father, and Member of the World Community! He also understands Work, in the Chekhovian sense!
Our Work helps us to excel in our Humanity!
It was CHEKOV who said, “If one wants to lead a good life, a human life, one must work.”

anton-chekhov-Work 3- 5503

A Meme from the Internet

GEOFFREY is one of many Unsung Heroes in Show Business!
There are so many of us who toil away every day creating and maintaining the legend of all that is Broadway! And Film! And Television! And Mass Media!
There are the few names that you know. But there are a legion of actors, performers, stage managers, company managers, press agents, assistant directors, light board operators, wardrobe personnel, sound technicians, casting directors, prop department personnel, box office personnel, ushers, and a host of people…
whose names we shall never know.
We are the Human Beings responsible for one of the primary drives of New York City’s economy,
And for creating and nurturing the Dreams of so many people across the world!
…For Creating a Vision of a Better World and all that is Possible!

It takes a village!
It takes Art!
And Art takes a Village!

Our government in this country does not fund the arts to the degree that an actor can make a dependable living. There are countries where that is very much the norm –– older civilizations, where they have heavily funded the arts and their artists for centuries. We do not do that here.


A Meme from the Internet: Quote attributed to CHURCHILL, but not verified — though there is record of similar sentiments toward his belief in the Arts

An actor is responsible to put all of his work into every audition. Auditions often come up on short notice.
So an actor in this country needs to have a trade, or a job which offers them the flexibility in their schedule so that they may keep their auditions a priority.
Very often, employers will see the value of show business folk.
We have a work ethic that the show must go on!
We are dedicated and committed people, trained to realize a Goal!
And our staunchness and ardor are appreciated by employers well beyond the boundaries of Show Business.
Whether we work at Trader Joe’s,
waiting tables,
as wedding planners, as electricians, proofreaders at law firms, secretaries, paralegals, tour guides, personal shoppers,
in retail, in offices, in hotels, in customer service,
overnight, online, or anywhere else,
we are doing good honest work to support ourselves so that we may continue to share our Gifts,
And to inspire others in a world so very much in need of inspiration!

When LARRY KERT lay dying of AIDS, He said to his friend DONNA MCKECHNIE,
“You know, it’s noble what we do!”
What GEOFFREY OWENS did by working at Trader Joe’s to support his Family, while keeping himself available for Auditions, was not only nothing about which to feel ashamed.
It was Noble!
And by the way, have you ever noticed how Trader Joe’s employees tend to be the nicest customer service people you meet anywhere on the planet!?
Knowing GEOFFREY, I can tell you any organization would be glad to have him on their team!

anton-chekhov-Work 4 -5508

A Meme from the Internet

So many actors are employed in so many different types of jobs,
Living their lives with Nobility and Grace!
Work is something for which to be very Grateful!
All Work!
All kinds of Work!
Let us Celebrate the Miracle that we are able to be self-sustaining in a business that so often is not!

Just by Showing Up for his Life and Living it so fully, GEOFFREY is bringing Light to the reality of the Lives of so many Artists!
And there is nothing tragic nor in any way “bad” or “less than” about Showing Up for one’s Life and the Journey toward being a Whole Person!
We do not want sympathy.
We are not suffering.
We are not starving artists!
But we are Self-Supporting and Self-Sustaining in the pursuit of our Dreams!
We are committed in every way that we know to making the World a Better Place!
We have the Courage and Tenacity to do Whatever It Takes
so that we may contribute our Gifts to the World
and fulfill our Mission of All that We Came Here To Do!
Our Lives are Miracles!
We Celebrate that in our Work!

It’s Noble what we Do!

anton-chekhov-Work2 - 5481

A Meme from the Internet

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