A Meme from the Internet

It’s about Listening.

I find myself immersed in News these past few days.
Listening and Reading and Gravitating toward every speculation and interpretation about what is going on in our Country.
I seek Enlightenment.
I do not trust the current ruling Majority of the Senate to bring us that.
It is quite a muddle!
America has some skeletons in its closet.
And I hear lots of bones shaking and banging against the door to get out!


A Cartoon from the Daily News

It is a sad time for our Country, on whichever side of the political divide we find ourselves… Sad, just in that there is such a Divide!
There are choices looming, put forth by a disgraceful excuse for a president.
There are over-privileged white frat boys waving their entitlements with flagrancy, in a way I find quite unsettling.
There are illogical and partisan agendas displacing reason.
Where is the JOSEPH WELCH to stand up to these men and ask out loud,
“At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”


A Meme from the Internet

And Yet, there are also Heroes.

CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD came forward and spoke up at great personal expense; in her own words, “…I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty…”

Kav 12

A Meme from the Internet

A Deep Breath.
Leading a Generation of Women
Like ANITA HILL before her,
Like our Daughters and GrandDaughters
…Will Be.
…Must Be!
…Need to Be!
True Profiles in Courage!


A Meme from the Internet

BRETT KAVANAUGH at his Hearing did not display the demeanor of a Judge.
His choice of language and behavior proved his partisan-ship and his inability to serve fairly as a Judge — Frankly, I wouldn’t trust him even as Jury Member.
Although it does appear that fairness no longer plays a role in the criteria by which he was chosen. #merrickgarland


A Cartoon from the Internet

I Listened,
and I felt for him, as he is certainly under intense pressure, and his humanity kept breaking through.
He clearly is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court, a position to which he and others seem to feel he is so entitled — his having gone to Georgetown and all.
ALEXANDRA PETRI says it very well here:

But reading between the lines, one may detect just a shred of humanity — perhaps some fear — and a bit of vulnerability from him.

lindsey Graham

A Meme from the Internet

If one Listens,
Very closely,
One might sense a subtle shift.
The World is Changing.
As for Senator Graham who was prone to outrageous outbursts and then smiling through Chik-fil-A a few hours later… not so much!
Please Do Not Ever Eat at Chick-Fil-A!
Not Ever, as every dollar one spends there supports hate and injustice!’’


A Meme from the Internet

There are people with whom I went to High School, who support KAVANAUGH.
They protest all over Social Media that he is being unfairly victimized.
They shriek that all Democrats are Evil.
They insist that he cannot be guilty just because someone alleges charges against him.
They support tRUMP and the Conservative Republican Agenda.
They are White Men, mostly.
And White Women, which I find confusing.
And One Black Male and One Asian Male, which I find unfathomable.
This leads me to conclude something I’ve suspected all along — that Women of Color are the Smartest People on the Planet!


A Meme from the Internet

While I agree that alleged charges do not mean a man is guilty,
these people conclude that because there is no absolute proof beyond Dr. Ford’s recollection, that he is therefore innocent.
I guess I fail to see how an FBI Investigation could possibly not be the logical next move.
I am genuinely interested in how they can refute this idea.
I ask.
I Listen.
A swarm of attacks ensues — “Character Assassination!” “CLARENCE THOMAS and ANTONIN SCALIA are the Best Supreme Court Justices Ever!” “HILLARY CLINTON’s Emails!” And all kinds of other insane catch phrases that do not answer the question.


A Meme from the Internet

They flail and rage.
And I Listen.
But I cannot follow any thread of logic in what they say
Which makes me think that they do not have an argument.
They merely have an opinion.
Well, I have an opinion too.
My Opinion is that DR. CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD is one of the most Courageous People I have ever seen in action and that Women are to be Respected and Treasured and that if it is true that that Pig put his hand over her mouth while he was on top of her, then he has amends to make!


A Meme from the Internet

The White House of dONALD tRUMP tears at my Soul!
This week I am scarred and hurt and feeling it more than most weeks.
I mean, the Children being torn from their parents and put in cages — that was a particularly Soul-Tearing Week, as well.


A Cartoon from the Internet

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord — that hurt.
The Republican Tax Plan passing — that wasn’t a week in which I got a lot of particularly restful sleep either.
The systematic destruction of our Education System and our Housing & Urban Development Programs, the eradication of our Environmental Regulations…
My Soul is feeling ripped at and bloodied.
And Still I Rise!


A Meme from the Internet


A Meme from the Internet

The People!
We the People!
That is the triumph here!
I have scrolled through thousands of posts on Social Media and Most Folks appear to be So Aware and Awake and Engaged and Speaking Out for What is Right!
There is Something in that!
We the People!
We the People!
We the People!


Aria Watson’s incredible #signedbytrump Art Photography

Ford View

A Tweet from the Internet

The PARKLAND KIDS are still registering Voters!
Trans and Gender Fluid People continue to make strides in Politics and Elsewhere!
And The Women! The Women, once believed to be property in this society…
Are you Listening?


A Meme from the Internet

I am Listening!
And what I hear So Clearly Now is that
With Grace and Strength,
The Women will Lead us!


A Tweet & Response from the Internet

The call to Vote is prevalent in Social Media and throughout the Internet.
This is Powerful!


A Meme from the Internet

And the Comics, Too!
I have found the Comics particularly Healing of Late!

And the Ever-Beloved SNL Cold Open…


A Meme from the Internet

Whatever happens with all this,
And however daunting it may seem,
Remember this!
The National Conversation has changed and for the Better!
And We are All Listening!
Change is Difficult!
And Complicated!
But it is also Important!
And Necessary!


A Meme from the Internet

The outcry of support that DR. FORD has elicited from the entire Country — Well, Most of Us — is much more than what I remember for ANITA HILL.
Back then I felt much more in a minority in my Support of Women Coming Forward!
Today, I feel the vibrant energy of a Community of People…
People who are Awake and Alive,
People who Care,
People effecting Change!
I am Grateful to be Alive Now.
I am Grateful to be an American Now!
I am Grateful that this Community of People, called Americans, feels so Awake and Willing to Move Forward!
This Great Experiment called America may falter,
Or we may come to our Finest Hour.
I am Listening!



Illumination on NY State Supreme Court Building, 9/28/18

I have faith in the People of this Country!
Let us Keep Making Ourselves Heard!


A Meme from the Internet

And Now, the Exceedingly Awesome SWEET HONEY AND THE ROCK celebrating the People’s Victory of keeping RONALD REAGAN’s appointment of Judge Robert Bork from the Supreme Court, some 31 years ago this month…

#  #  #

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  1. Jacquelyn Sebastiani

     /  October 1, 2018


    I so appreciate what you have written here. It is a difficult time and you are so right we are awake and engaged, watching and listening. We are voting and we are talking to our daughters about what’s happening and they too are voting!!

    With the warmest wishes for a peaceful day.

  2. Asha

     /  October 3, 2018

    Oh Arnold. This has been such a soul bruising time for me. I have struggled so much this past week. Crying myself awake at nights. Crying now as I type this. I feel the retraumatization of so many people. Feel the hands of violent entitlement pressing against the voices rising to say “This is not okay This has never been okay.”

    There have been times I have felt hope in my heart drop limp to her knees unable to stand and find anything to be hopeful for … dark nights of the soul looking for a star, a glow-in-the dark sticker, anything to get my bearings on … and have found the night sky bare. Because even the stars are mourning our fall from humanity.

    However. After having the courage to just feel what I feel rather than push it down or push through … the stars return. Some faint and flickering … reminders that there are more women and people of visible diversity or internal diversity of belief from the swill being perfumed into ‘protectionism’ … rising to stand for political seats. Rising in protest. Rising in care of one another who feel traumatized and hopeless.

    I’ve been struggling as to how to put into words how I feel. The sucker-punch to my soul, down on all fours, dry-heaving hope. Trying to catch it’s breath. Trying to remember why I agreed to come at this time. Into this terrible and wounding world.

    It was because of you. And everyone else who holds the seed of another way inside. No matter how far away our ideal is … we’ve never been closer than right now. And tomorrow will be the same. Each day we get closer as long as we have the courage to feel. To share. To come together.

    Thank you Arnold. Your words truly helped me.

    • Yes, Dear Darling ASHA!There are so many of us sharing this experience, and even that in itself has Magical Healing Properties which we are just beginning to come to know… Thank You for your Great Spirit! XXOO


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