Awaken To a Better World

A Meme from the Internet

It was a mere two weeks ago.
We took to the Streets.
For what we Believe in!

I LOVE these Kids!
I LOVE them!
It would be so easy for them to take what happened and feel victimized,
Live their Lives traumatized and unable to move forward.
But they took what happened to them and used it as a Catalyst to
Vault Forward
a Positive Change for themselves and the World!

And just look how it has affected and inspired us!

Now, the question is:
What can we take from our own Lives that has thrown us off,
Left us with a feeling of inertia and despair,
Stymied us in some way…
And turn it into a Positive Action?
What can we do to surprise ourselves and spin it around?
What can we see in it that is a Gift,
That perhaps we have been looking at as some obstacle?
Perhaps the very thing we thought to be the Lock
Is in fact the Key.

I have been collecting some images from Social Media
Of all the Beautiful Expressions that their Positive Action has ignited…
Vault Forward!
Turn it Around!
See the Gift!
Take an Action!
Love YourSelf!
Love Others!
Love the World!
Be the Change!
Work It!
Try It!
Love Again…

Be Inspired!

There is, no doubt, some Gift each of us has received,
Some Challenge or Seeming SetBack,
Some Daunting Grace
Some Intimidating Bold Stroke of Love
Something that we may perceive as a Loss
Or a Tragedy…
Let us Take a Moment,
And see if we can see it for the Gift that it really is…
Not “Why is this Happening To Me?”
But rather,
“Why is this happening For Me?”

Perhaps our shift in perspective
Shall Awaken Others
To a Better World for us All…

n.b.: I am sharing with you, above, my experience of the March For Our Lives, as it came through to me via Social Media. I do not own these photos, and in most cases I do not know who took them. But if you own one, or if it is your image, and you would prefer it to be taken down, please just say so.
Thank You!

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  1. YES and YES and YES! These fiercely loving, fiercely confident young people give me so much hope. Thank you for this, Arnold.


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