There is something So Beautiful about how it all Flows:
Winter: Dormant. Quiet. Not much in Bloom, except the Ever-Present EverGreens Reminding us of Life’s Presence even in the midst of the most barren season…
Reminding us of Invincible Summer…
How it dovetails into Messy March: A time of SnowStorms & Mistakes,
A Time for Creative Risk!
A Time for Falling on one’s Face and Celebrating the Effort!
And Yesterday, the Last Day of Messy March, 2018, Leads us right into Easter Sunday!
On Friday night, I celebrated PassOver with Friends!
What a Beautiful Celebration of Tzimmes and Souffle and Family and Heritage and Wine and Prayer and Being Together!
Today, EASTER!

Passover 2018 saying the Haggadah with Daddy Robbins

Season of ReBirth!
Spring is Very Much Upon Us!
Daylight is Longer Now.
Trees and Plants and Greenery are beginning to bud!
What a Joy!
What a Time to Ignite those Projects!
Those Creative Ideas!
Those things that didn’t work out in Messy March!
We get to try ‘em Again! We get to Explore Something New!
Who is it I Always wanted to be?
This is the Time of Beginnings!
This is the Time of Now!

The World is truly in a state, lately!
It feels as if the current US Administration is undoing so many of the protections for its Planet and its People that took decades — in some cases, centuries — to put into place!
What I am noticing, is that on a personal level, People are making moves!
People are JoyFully Embracing their own Lives!
Interviewing for new Jobs.
Taking New Classes.
Meeting New People.
Getting more politically involved.
Giving more attention to Health.
Trying New Things.
Heading to New Places.

Taking a Risk.
Giving a Chance.
Saying a Prayer.
Reaching a Hand.
Welcoming something New.

And the Universe is Responding!
One thing I have learned is to Trust the Guiding Hand.
It’s not a Hand we can see.
But it’s there,
And it leads us in the direction of our own Greater Good.
So, when it may seem a door has closed, that is only to lead us further down the path,
Until we get to the door that Opens to us!

Making Stroufeli

Yesterday, making Stroufeli — after all, it was still technically Messy March, and that process is so Messy, it seemed an ideal way to send off the Season!
Today, it’s Ravioli — No idea why it’s our Traditional Easter Meal, but it is, and MOM likes it!

Always Worth It!

It is a Time of New Beginnings!
It is a Time to Love!
It is a Time to Risk!
It is a Time to Express!
It is a Time to Try Something New!
Or to Try Again!
To Trust What is!
And to Continue!
To Blossom!
To Bloom!

Easter Dinner

To Accept that we Are the Miracle that we have been Waiting For!
And to Celebrate that Miracle!
And Again
And Again
And Again…
I am Grateful for yet another Springtime and for the Growth that it will bring!

I am Grateful for my Path — a Path that at times seems to make no sense —
But which I am coming to Trust
And which has brought me thus Far.

As REVEREND PAT shared at Church this morning,
“Resurrection is God’s response to those who would believe in Crucifixion!”

I am Grateful for the Matzoh and Charoset of these past nights,
And the Ravioli and Stroufeli of Today!
I am Grateful for every seemingly insurmountable task and mild disappointment and all that these Gifts Teach Me!
And I am Grateful for Everything that is about to Bloom!
I am Grateful for the Mud and the Darkness and the Splitting Myself Open which it takes for any Living Thing to Grow.
I am Grateful for the Flow.

Happy PassOver!
Happy Easter!
Happy SpringTime!

# # #

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  1. Ah…and I am grateful that you bring so many reminders of gratitude to my life.

  2. mrdamonb

     /  April 2, 2018

    I loved the part about the closed door leading us further down the path to discover the one that is open for us. Thank you, as always, for sharing your gift and these reminders with us, Arnold!

  3. rebekahstephenson

     /  April 7, 2018

    I am grateful for these reminders Arnold. I feel the calling of Spring as I work on putting together more bits of my business and creating new things! Lots of love to you. P.S. Your cooking looks wonderful as usual. Still waiting for that show of yours haha

    • Ah, Thank You, Dear BEKAH! Yes, that Show… 🙂 Wishing You a Joy-Filled Journey as you continue your Creative Adventures to the Benefit of us All… Happy SpringTime! XXOO

      • rebekahstephenson

         /  April 7, 2018

        Oooh. Now I can leave you comments easier! I have the WP app on my phone and this came straight to it. 🤗 . Thank you so much. Happy Spring to you too!! ❤️

      • rebekahstephenson

         /  April 7, 2018

        Thank you so much! I got all excited because I surprisingly received your reply to my smart phone. I downloaded the WP app recently . So much easier to leave you a comment now!

      • HA! Dearest Bekah, You are So Far ahead of me in the Cutting Edge Technology Department! 🙂 XXOO

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