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Sometime within the past decade or so, I saw a Shaman for a Healing Session.
It was Fascinating and Full Of Wonder!
He danced and chanted and unwrapped from a colorful silk blanket an enormous Eagle Wing, waving it up and down over my body.
He held a long-thin-necked glass bottle filled with thick green juice and blew his breath into it, playing it like a flute.
Then he gargled the green juice and spit it all across my body.
It was rather intense!
But it was Amazing!
One of the things he told me was that there is a group of Shamans from all over the World who meet in some sacred place — maybe somewhere in South America — once every fifty years to hold sacred ceremonies for several days during which they receive a Message from the Gods about the World in the coming Half Century.
He told me that in the 1950’s when they had last met, the Message they received was,
“World Upside Down!”
More recently, just after the start of this Century, they convened once again and received the Message for this Half Century:
“World Rightside Up!”

I must confess that for the past year — maybe even a few years,
I have not really felt World Rightside Up!
I try to see it when it’s there!
I seek it out!
I try not to miss the Good News woven throughout the tapestry of our time here on earth.
But the past fourteen months, in particular, have been daunting.
Lately, though…

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These Kids!
This Amazing 17-minute WalkOut they Created earlier this week in response to our Government Representatives sacrificing their Lives — Our Lives — in the pocket of the NRA!
They’re the Drama Kids in their Schools!
I Love That!
They are Giving Voice to “World Rightside Up!”

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On March 13th, 7,000 Pairs of Shoes were laid outside the White House to represent the number of children killed by guns since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012

(Photo from Politico by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

And that same day, CONOR LAMB unseated the Republican Incumbent in Pennsylvania — the middle of the Rust Belt on which tRUMP rode to power in the last Presidential Election!
If this were an isolated incident, I might be inclined to think of it as a Lucky Break or a small Respite.
But I feel the Tide of last year’s Elections…
and this appears to be the latest in a movement toward World Rightside Up!

Perhaps all that we are going through — as a Nation, as a World…
Perhaps this is what we needed to get ourselves here!
To get these Kids out into the Streets making some noise!
To get out and Vote!

Currently, I am with a friend who is having her first chemo treatments this week.
We sat together for many hours as she got her first infusion.
A tall gangly woman appeared — she sported red hair and Bright Fluorescent Lime Green Clothing, covered by a Hospital Smock, with Wild John Fleuvog Lime Green Shoes. They looked something like these:

Image from the Fluevog Website

She stood unobtrusively, holding a cafeteria tray with individual packages of saltine crackers and juice cups.
I wondered if anyone else could see her.
This has often been my experience of Angels. Sometimes they appear and I am not sure if everyone present can see them.
My friend smiled and said, “No Thank You,” and the Magical Bright Lime Green presence smiled back compassionately, nodded, turned and moved on.
So others could see her!
I thought then, well, perhaps she is just a uniquely dressed Candy Striper.

But she appeared twice more, during our time there, and the third time, my friend was a bit more awake, and chatted with her. She asked the Tall Gangly Presence if she was a volunteer and what brought her here.

The Tall Red-Headed Presence smiled a Bright Smile, and told us that she had been a patient here.
She had the exact same illness that my friend has.
She described her treatment in these same chairs, and how it was fifteen years ago, so the available treatments are even better now!
She told us she has been Well ever since.
Her Doctor’s last posted report stated, “There is no more evidence of this disease in the patient’s body anywhere.”
She explained that the Doctor initially did not think her chances of surviving were very good, although she only found this out much later — it was not something the Doctor had told her at the time.
She said that her approach was to just let the Doctor handle it.
She smiled, having delivered her message of Compassion, Hope, Reassurance, and Healing.
The, she leaned into us with her tray.

This is my experience of Angels.
They appear when you need to hear their message, and they deliver their message in unique forms that are somehow congruous with the setting where you are — and yet, somehow otherworldly.
There are Angels Among Us.
They bring messages of
And World Rightside Up!

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All these experiences make me aware that a Half Century of World Rightside Up might not necessarily occur in the first few years of that Half Century!
Perhaps, like most things, it is more of a Process.
And perhaps we are Currently Living that Process!
Perhaps we are Living into More Angels and Less Guns,
and More Children Leading the Way and Less Lying Politicians on the Take,
and More Upsets of the status quo and Less Apathy,
and More Acceptance of All People as One and Less Hostility among One Another…
But Perhaps Miracles do not arrive in one fell swoop.
Perhaps, they come into our Lives as we Open to Receiving them!

And Perhaps through the Messages of Angels
And the Receiving of Miracles,
We shall Live
SomeDay Very Soon
Into a World Right Side Up!

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  1. Michael Walters

     /  March 17, 2018

    This is a great post Arnie! xoxo Love it!


  2. Thank you. I loved reading this. Angels are every where!


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