A Plate of Scones

Tutti Fruitties

Tutti Fruitties

I made a plate of scones today.
Not a big deal, I know.
But it was fun, creative, and I enjoyed doing it.
I made “Tutti Fruitties” with fresh blueberries and fresh strawberries; then I spontaneously added in some chopped peaches, as well.
I made “Ali Babbas” — dates, pecans and cardamom spice.
Ham and cheese “Deli For the Belly.”
“Violet Beauregard’s Nuts” — fresh blueberries, toasted sliced almonds, and vanilla.
I used buttermilk in the dough.
It was a creative process.
It took much more work than I had anticipated when I started out,
Toasting Nuts and chopping dried fruit, grating butter and such…
I was absolutely delighted by the result.
I made “Hello Dollies” — Coconut Chocolate Chip.
I made “Tropical Amaretto,” with dried apricots toasted sliced almonds and shredded coconut.
I made up all the titles.

Tropical Amarettos and Hello Dollies

Tropical Amarettos and Hello Dollies

I know it’s not a big deal and it likely won’t make a difference in most people’s lives.
But it made a difference in mine.
It was a Joy-Filled Day!
Simple Joys —
Rich and Robust and Satisfying.

JANET, the Magical Kitchen Sorceress at TreeHouse Point, taught me how to make them some years ago. It was something I had never made before.
It was fun to try something new and it delighted me how the same dough could be used with so many different kinds of fillings — both sweet and savory, and achieve equally good results.
It was a really Fun day, and I found myself smiling all afternoon.

Prior to this, and quite unrelated, I served as Casting Director for Bill T Jones FELA! on Broadway and national tour, and more recently, this season’s TENNESSEE WILLIAMS 1982, among dozens of other projects.
These were Fun, Creative, and I enjoyed the entire process.
I felt very good about the results.
So Proud of my Casts!
Projects often turn out to be more work than anyone initially anticipates,
but I am Grateful for each experience.
It is nice to see Audiences’ delighted reactions.
When I think on this work, it leaves me with a feeling of great satisfaction.tenn1acts

In addition to My Work in Show Business and Being Creative in the Kitchen, I teach.
I enjoy teaching, working with my students, and watching them grow.
It is a Full-of-Joy experience.
Every semester, it somehow turns out to be more work than I had originally anticipated.
But it is Creative, and Fun.
I Love how they invariably express more confidence going out into the World after taking my Class than they had before.
It leaves me with a feeling of great satisfaction.
Mom Bdy 2016
On an ongoing basis, and in the category of ‘Life Happens,’
I take care of my 89 year old Mother.
I am So Grateful for the gift of our time together.
It is more work than I might have guessed it would have been.
But I genuinely enjoy it.
It’s Fun.
We Laugh and we Talk and we relish the simple Gift of one another’s company.
It leaves me with a feeling of great satisfaction.

…And so Life passes.
The Years go by.
We do the things we do — sometimes Lots of Different things, filling the time with Simple Joys
Or perhaps, more complicated ones,
And the tasks at hand.
It doesn’t have to mean much to anyone else.
These things we do may not make much of a difference to the World;
People may not remember them or think much on them a season later, or the next day, or after we’re gone.
But it is how we pass the time.

Perhaps you Write.
Perhaps you catch salmon in Alaska by wrestling them out of the stream with your bare hands.
Perhaps you’re making a podcast or a webseries.
Perhaps you Audition.
Perhaps you just baked a summer cherry pie.
Maybe you campaign door to door, politically.
Maybe you raise Children
or Care for the Elderly
or ride horses
or sew clothing…

Perhaps you play drums
or work in chemical engineering
or Sing
or splice genes
or clean hotel rooms
or wait tables
or win Oscars
or play piano
or Draw…

I know people who do all of these different things.
In many cases, the doing of these things is their Life.
It is how they pass the time.

What are you doing with your time?
Does it bring you Joy?
Can you find the Joy in it?
Is there some Simple Joy that it makes you Smile to think upon?
Can you make time for doing more of that?
Doing what we Love,
Doing what is Fun,
Doing what brings us Satisfaction,
Doing what we Enjoy…
If we’re Lucky
It is a great way to pass the time.
As James Taylor tells us, “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”

Ali Babbas

Ali Babbas

I made a plate of scones today.

Deli for the Belly

Deli for the Belly

They are delicious!
It makes me smile to even think of it.

What are you doing today to enjoy the passage of time?

# # #

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  1. Janet McIntosh

     /  June 1, 2016

    Thanks for the Sconie Shout Out! Greet to be able to make them, but equally important to name them such fun names, enticing people even more! Well done, Arnold!

    • Thanx! I know I put way too much filling — but you know me! 🙂 Also, above the titles, I labeled them all, “JANET’S SCONES” 🙂 Thanx for Teaching me So Well! XXOO

  2. You totally have me craving scones. I have only made 1 type of scone so far in my life. A type with oats and dried apricots in it. I haven’t heard of flavors of scones like what you made and I wish you would share the recipe. Ha! They look like they are to die for. And call me strange, but I think the making of scones (especially the variety you made- that is a lot of work!) IS a big thing. But then the small everyday things to me ARE the big things. And I can see you changing all these peoples lives with your coaching. Goodness knows you have impacted mine and I haven’t even had the joy of taking a class from you in person! I can only imagine the impact that would have 😀 . Congrats at ALL you do. Thank you for being so fabulous.

    • Ah, Dear REBEKAH! You are So Kind!
      I wish I could share the recipe, but it is not mine to give. If we can convince JANET to start her Blog of her Magic Recipes, the World truly would be a Better Place! She is Kitchen MAGIC!
      I will be sharing some other Breakfast Recipes soon, so stay tuned…
      And I agree with you — these small EveryDay things ARE the Big things!

  3. What a full and beautiful life you describe – and what delight I feel in reading about it.

  4. Thank you as always, Arnold. Yesterday my daughter and her friend spent 4 hours making meat pies — MUCH more work than anyone anticipated. And then her homework lasted to midnight, as a result of so much time spent in the kitchen. I got agitated. Bad time management and mommy so tired. But your post helped me see the beauty and rightness of time spent following through on a cooking project that took too long, enjoying the meal of them at the end. And then the careful follow through of homework, a project on the country Chile, about which I am learning so much! Attention and follow-through, and enjoyment instead of stress. Nice reminder. Many thanks.

    • Brava, MELANIA! And Congratulations on being a Super Good Mommy! I’ve no doubt your daughter will treasure the Memory of the Creativity and Accomplishment of making Meat Pies, and it plants seeds for Wonderful Life Experiences ahead… She will be Grateful to you for that! What a Beautiful Way to spend the time we have… XXOO


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