The Gift of Time: Mother’s Day 2016

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother's Day

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day
Wildly Commercial
A Great Day to be a Florist
A Good Day to have a Greeting Card Company
But the True Gift of Mother’s Day
Is the Gift of Time.

My Mother would often tell me of her Mother,
“Whenever you’d ask her,
‘MAMA, What do you want for your Birthday [or Mother’s Day or Christmas],’
she would always say the same thing.
‘La Visita!’ meaning ‘A Visit!’
That’s all she ever wanted!”
“We have a Lot in Common,” I would tell her,
“That’s all my Mother wants, as well.”
 It’s quite fitting, actually.
For most of us,
The Biggest Gift our Mother gave us is the Gift of Time.
It is perhaps the Most Valuable Gift of All.

So, Today we Offer La Visita!
If your Mother is no longer in the physical realm,
Perhaps spend some time Visiting with her Today
In your own Way…
Thinking a Kind Thought…
In Gratitude

Perhaps today is a day to extend Love to someone who needs it
Perhaps to a Child
A Neighbor
An Animal in need of Kindness
(Ever notice how Animals seem to Live in a perpetual Sate of Gratitude?)
Maybe that someone is also a Mother,
Or had a Mother that they are missing today,
And You can offer just the Healing touch they need.

Today is a Day we Celebrate Mothers.
We Celebrate Love.

Earlier this week, MOM and I arrived home after her Eye Doctor Appointment,
And I made her Dinner.
She saw a bag of Potatoes on the counter.
“What are you making with Potatoes?” she asked, inquisitively.
MOM Lit Up, and clapped her hands with Glee
“Ooooooh, that’s like a Birthday Present!” She exclaimed, Delightedly.

Such simple Acts of Love are a Great Joy to Mothers.
A Mother knows how difficult it can be to accomplish such Simple Things:
To find the extra hour to do it
To do something extra, beyond the Day’s Requirements
To Love Someone Enough.

I think that’s why they are So Appreciative —
Because it makes them feel Loved.
It is how they Loved You.

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  1. janine villano

     /  May 8, 2016

    How beautiful…

  2. When you write about your mother, I always smile and can feel the love through your words.


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