Things my Mother Taught Me

In honor of Mother’s Day 2018

Mothers are Precious and Beautiful Creatures.
They are Loving and Kind and it is in their Nature to Give.
They do their Best to help us; still, sometimes they succeed in driving us Crazy!
Sometimes this Act of Love — Birthing Us, i.e.: Opening Up the Avenue for us to come into our Physical Being — can lead to all kinds of dysfunction and even animosity or resentment, but regardless, they are the one person who was Always There!
Sometimes, they left too early, and this can cause confusion. But it is never due to a lack of Love! They made sure they got us here before they left!

The Gift of Time: Mother’s Day 2016

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother's Day

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day
Wildly Commercial
A Great Day to be a Florist
A Good Day to have a Greeting Card Company
But the True Gift of Mother’s Day
Is the Gift of Time.

My Mother would often tell me of her Mother,
“Whenever you’d ask her,
‘MAMA, What do you want for your Birthday [or Mother’s Day or Christmas],’
she would always say the same thing.
‘La Visita!’ meaning ‘A Visit!’
That’s all she ever wanted!”
“We have a Lot in Common,” I would tell her,
“That’s all my Mother wants, as well.”