Abundant BeautyABUNDANCE
What does it mean to you?

One need look no further than The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans, NEAL GABLER’s profound expose’ of current economics in America, in this month’s THE ATLANTIC to see the sobering realities of economics for Most of Us.
As the byline reads, “Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them.”

Earnings are low. Debt is high. The shame of financial impotence is rampant.
I am as subject to these realities as any other person who has spent their life working in American Theater since America’s 200th Birthday.
But these actualities and the harshness of their toll do not define me.
As GABLER says in his article, “We don’t make [the choices that define who we are] with our financial well-being in mind… We make them with our lives in mind. The alternative is to be another person.”

But I choose to be the person that I am.

I live with the same stress and anxiety over which apparently half of Americans are losing sleep at the very same time. Sure.
But are our whole lives about money?
The same governmental bodies which gave all this power over to the national banks, superseding state usury laws, have bred us as a nation of consumers.
Yet, is consuming the most important activity of our Lives?
It seems painfully obvious that consuming in an economy which does not provide resource for that rate of consumption is a recipe for deep unhappiness.

I choose to live in a State of Abundance.

GARY QUINN says, “There is a big difference between Abundance and Money. Abundance is a condition or state of being that is natural to you. And money is only a unit of exchange or an energy flow that can be a symbol of wealth depending upon the beliefs and attitudes of the person concerned.”

Money isn’t everything.It's a Wonderful Life
I remember back in my twenties saying to my MOM, “I’m gonna’ be RICH someday!
MAMA smiled and with a glint of “It’s a Wonderful Life” in her eye,
she affirmed to me assuredly, “You Are Rich!”

We are born into a natural State of Abundance.
We make a choice whether or not to dwell in it.
Dwell in Abundance.

Springtime is such a Wonderful Time if Year.

A Hundred Million Miracles -- Just on this one Tree!

A Hundred Million Miracles — Just on this one Tree!

Nature asserts its Abundance
in Flowerbeds of Tulips,
Blossoms bursting forth, everywhere,
The Trees teeming their Beautiful Blooms out into the Air…
Flourishes of Abundance Everywhere you turn.

We have an Abundance of Time.
Of course, it feels like never Enough,
We can easily rattle off a litany of complaints of too much to do and not enough time.
But Pause.
Think about a Day.
The profundity of that Gift.
How your Life can change in One Day.
One Moment…
And think of how many Days you have had,
And how many Different and Worthwhile and Meaningful Moments, even just today…

Think of the Abundance of Talent we experience
The people who have built our Homes
The people who have written the Music we hear in a given day
The people who make the Art we see — whether it’s Graffiti, Internet Graphics that flash by on our screen, or something framed on the wall of a Museum that we visit…
People Creating Theater and Dance
The Poets who create the verses
The Carpenters who build our Furniture
The Gardeners who Grow the Vegetables and Fruit that we eat…

Abundant TulipsThere is the Abundant JOY of Communication.
Sure, it can feel overwhelming — Texts and Emails and FaceBook Messages…
But we have an Abundance of Contact with people, and it is not so long ago that writing a letter, popping it in the mail, and waiting a few days was the only option.

Abundant Beauty.
In Nature
In Another Person’s Eyes
In the Smile of a Child
In the Greeting of the Elderly
In the “Thank You’ of a Homeless Person
In the Abundant Sky…

Still not feeling it?
Share what you have.
Give a Dollar to a homeless person.
Yeah, we may be in a state of financial impotence.
So what?
We have a Dollar.
And we can give it away to someone who needs it more.
Try it, and observe how your feelings of Abundance Grow…

It is when we feel, “Oh, I can’t afford to give it to someone else”
That we affirm “I don’t have it; I barely have enough for myself.”
This perpetuates a feeling of Scarcity and Lack.
We can only Discover how much we have by Giving it Away…
Offering it to others
So, Give.
Live Abundantly.

Give not just of your money.20160430_095006
Give of your Time.
Give of your Talents.
Give Your Communication.
Give your Beauty!

Be Grateful for it All
And Give it all away.
Choose to Live in Abundance!

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  1. Rose Ann Harrigan

     /  May 5, 2016

    As always, beautifully said and inspiring. It is important to avoid the limiting effect of the scarcity principle – the belief that you cannot share what you have with others nor enjoy what you possess because it may be taken away – a mindset that stunts spiritual and emotional growth. Many of us dwell in a culture in which we equate having discretionary money to spend on liesure activities and material things with being successful, fortunate, and even superior to others who have less. I marvel at very wealthy people who have multiple homes in multiple states and an assortment of cars, boats, and possessions that cannot all be fully enjoyed because of the sheer amount of items. How confusing it must be to keep track of it all! I own a modest sized home and am currently trying to rid myself of all the accumulated “stuff” I never use. When I think about what drove me to amass these things in the first place, I realize that I erroneously believed purchasing the next “thing” was going to bring long-lasting pleasure and personal fulfillment. It has taken me almost four decades to discover that the majority of these things do not hold any interest for me shortly after I bought them, and that none bring me the joy I feel when I am spending time with family and friends, making a meal, or just looking at the flowers growing in my front yard. But just as I squandered many days of my youth pursuing folly, I squandered money on needless trinkets I now wish to be rid of. It is a lesson learned, but the beauty of it is that I no longer take anything for granted – not a sunny day, a dinner with my children, a phone call with a friend, or moment of quiet solitude to reflect on the many ways I am blessed with abundance. Thank you for your words which have given me this present momen to reflect. You are a blessing.

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