Second Day of Christmas

IMG_1772Today is the Second Day of Christmas.
This year, it falls on a Saturday so it might be a bit easier to Relax and Celebrate.
Have you been interrupted this week by Work Responsibilities?
Those of us in the Second Half of Life
Remember when such a thing was unheard of…
Christmas was a time to be with Family and Friends
And while some who worked operating Trains and Busses
Or in the Medical Profession
Would be called to duty,
Most Clients and Bosses Left People alone.
Notice how that’s changed?

Christmas changes over time.
Even here in America

Some 400 years ago, Christmas Revels are said to have been Festivals of Debauchery
So much so that in the mid-1600’s, Puritans banned Christmas altogether.
The Harvest completed, Men could have their own SantaCon of sorts
And they did.
ANDY WILLIAMS’ 1963 recording of GEORGE WYLE’s, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” references, “…scary ghost stories…”

It wasn’t until CLEMENT C. MOORE’s 1822 publication of “A Visit From St. Nicholas”
That the idea of a SANTA CLAUS in a Red Suit Bestowing Presents really began to take hold.
And how we learned that poem when we were Kids!
How many verses of it can you recite from memory?

Remember the part where he specifies,
“…soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread…”
Up to this point, Festivals of Debauchery and Scary Stories
meant there was commonly much to dread.
The poem ends with
“…And I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,”
meaning that he exclaims, “MERRY CHRISTMAS to All and to All a GOOD NIGHT!”
Before he leaves.
This has been colloquialized into, “as he drove out of sight,”
Implying ST. NICHOLAS leaves and then calls back, “Merry Christmas!”
And the Poem is entitled “A Visit From St. Nicholas,”
Not “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Christmas changes over time.

IMG_0989So How is it changing now?
For years, I gave Ornaments to Children who now grown up, don’t put up a Christmas tree at all.
Letters to SANTA CLAUS have evolved into kids texting purchase Links
to the item they want for Christmas.
HomeMade Cookies seem less prevalent than they once were at this time of year,
Though no less appreciated.

IMG_0567 - Version 2Traditions Change…
What was common practice years ago
Nowadays may seem most unusual.

And so, How to Celebrate this Second Day of Christmas?
Celebrate what you Love about it.
Not how it Was
Nor how it Might Be
But How it IS!
What are Your Holiday Traditions?
Like to Bake?
Like to Shop the After Christmas Sales?
Like to watch Holiday Movies with Loved Ones — things you never have time to do Before the Holiday?

IMG_1788Treat Yourself to Warm Apple Cider.
And Please Please Please Give Yourself Permission to Listen to as Much Christmas Music as You Like…
Enjoy The Season
Exactly as you would Have it be

How we Act What Is
Creates What Will Be

IMG_0710 IMG_1811 IMG_1779


Day Two

# # #

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