First Day of Christmas

Our Entranceway…

It can sure be chaos, can’t it though?
Getting ready for a Holiday for which most folks “don’t have time”…
Well, its’ good to remember that none of us “Has Time” for Anything!
It is about Making Time!
It is about what’s important to Us!

It is about the Life that we Choose to Live!

So, just to review:
December 25this Christmas Day.
December 26this the First Day of Christmas!
December 27this the Second Day of Christmas…
And so forth through January 6th, the Twelfth Day of Christmas! (more…)

Second Day of Christmas

IMG_1772Today is the Second Day of Christmas.
This year, it falls on a Saturday so it might be a bit easier to Relax and Celebrate.
Have you been interrupted this week by Work Responsibilities?
Those of us in the Second Half of Life
Remember when such a thing was unheard of…
Christmas was a time to be with Family and Friends
And while some who worked operating Trains and Busses
Or in the Medical Profession
Would be called to duty,
Most Clients and Bosses Left People alone.
Notice how that’s changed?

Christmas changes over time.
Even here in America (more…)