First Day of Christmas

IMG_2125How was it?
All that Build-up
All that Craziness
And it’s over, right?
Its Just Beginning.

Yesterday was Christmas Day.
Today is the First Day of Christmas.
There’s Twelve Days.
In many European Countries the Big Day is Still Twelve Days away.
In Norway, you go to January 13th.
Yes, on the 13th of January, they sing Carols and dance around the Christmas tree,
And Julenisse hands out the last of the presents,
And they still say ‘Good Jul!”

So no need to rush this.
It has been a lot of work to get to this point.
There was Planning and Wrapping and Cards,
Cooking and Baking,
Shopping and Shipping,
And Gatherings with Friends…

And while the Bulk of the Work is done,
The Bulk of the Enjoyment is Just Beginning.
So Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy the Time.
Take a Breath.
Slow Down.
Gather with FriendsIMG_2047
Feast And Delight
It doesn’t take any (or very much) Money
To Take a Walk through Town
Appreciate the Festive Window Decorations and Holiday Displays
See what’s on the Internet that you can Enjoy

Email a friend
Open Up
Find some Quiet Time
Go to a Local Church Service and Listen to the Festive Choral Singing
Write a Gratitude List
Volunteer some time to help others
Go Skating
Treat yourself to a Hot Cacao
Treat a Friend to a Hot Cacao
Treat a Homeless Person to a Hot Cacao

Plan a Game Night with Friends
Go through your Closet and Donate Some Old Clothes to a Nearby Shelter
Or a GoodWill Store where people who can’t afford to go to After Christmas Sales might find your Treasure
Honor an Old Tradition
Or Create a New One
It feels Good to Help People.
It’s FUN To enjoy the Holidays.
Day One…

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  1. My partner and I are in the middle of an extended celebration. He’ll enjoy this as much as I did.


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