Not About Selfies

IMG_3595I came upon a Clever Little Novelty Book.
A Small Photo Album
Entitled, “Selfie”
And each page was captioned, “Me.”

Very Clever for an Album of Selfies…
Christmas is not the same thing.
Christmas is sort of an “Othersie” kind of thing.
It’s about Doing and Preparing and Helping…
It’s about Kindness and Sacrifice and Finding the Perfect Gift for Someone Else.

An 82 year old woman said to me this week,
“I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks away. I just give money now.
So I don’t have any Wrapping or anything — there’s Nothing to Do.
How’s it supposed to feel like Christmas?”

It’s true.
Christmas is in the Doing.

Even commercials now Advertise Christmas from the Angle of
What you Get
Talking about What Santa is going to bring ME
And what I’M entitled to Receive…
“My List”…

This is different from the Advertising I saw as a Kid while watching RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER and A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS… Those Ads seemed Clever, filled with Spirit, and all about Giving (with a hefty amount of Dolly Madison Cakes and Santa riding a Norelco Electric Razor thrown in)
The idea they were selling back then was about Giving
The weight on people’s minds at this time of year seemed all about finding the perfect Gift for Someone Else.

ChristmasGivingMemeAnd so,
You want to Have a Lot this Christmas?
Give a Lot.


This next several weeks, I shall be painting Rocks,
Making Stroufeli from scratch
And Cookies
And Stuffed Shells
Wrapping Packages
Filling Clear Ornament Casings with Dried Flowers
Drafting a Christmas Story for a Card which will appear here
(no doubt, not before sometime in mid-January),
Purchasing Gift Cards to Duane Reade or CVS or Right Aid for the Homeless LGBT Youth at my Church
Staying up Way Too Late
And generally Running Crazy with way too much to Do.
And that’s what makes it feel like Christmas!
I may not be able to do all of these things when I’m 82.
But For Now
For Today
I Can
And So, Let Us Do What we Can…

Mull it Over.
Maybe there are Some Kind Acts you can perform over the Holidays
Maybe there is something you can Create as an Expression of your Love to give to someone else on Christmas Day…
Don’t Feel that Way about Anyone in your Life at present?
Then Maybe there is a really undeserving Pain-In-The-Ass Neighbor,
An Elderly Shut-in who drives you Crazy,
Or some StoreKeeper you cannot stand…
Spend some time thinking about what would make this person Happiest
What Kindness would warm their Heart,
whether they would let you know it or not..
Take the Time to Prepare Now
And make that Happen.
That’ll Give you that Warm Christmas Feeling that has been Missing in Recent years!
It’s an “Othersie” kind of thing


# # #

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  1. “Give a lot” – not a secret but often overlooked. Thanks for the reminder!


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