Subtle Miracles

IMG_2814I am on the 3:54 Train
On my way to MOM’s.
I swept on as the doors closed behind me, like a scene from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.
And I was able to pick up her favorite Bread,
stopping for a hurried moment of my 120-second jaunt
between the Subway Shuttle and Track 105.

nyc subwayThis morning, I was on the Subway
headed to the office for a very important call scheduled for 12:30pm.
I’d left plenty of time — an hour for an ordinarily 25-35 minute commute.
I transferred at 42nd Street to a #1 train that didn’t move.
Police Investigation on the tracks at 34th.
I asked GOD for a Miracle — to get me where I needed to be in time for the call.
After ten minutes of stagnant waiting, I transferred to another line,
and made it out of the subway and above ground at 12:32.
I dialed the number on my CellPhone.
I explained the delay.
I added, somewhat chagrinned, that I had asked for a Miracle.
Then I realized, the Miracle was the CellPhone in my Hand.
How quickly I have come to take that completely for Granted…

A few hours later, I am rushing to Grand Central for the 3:52 Off Peak Express Train.
I enter the Subway turnstile as the #1 Train is pulling away.
I ask for a Miracle, and wait for the next one.
I connect to the Shuttle at Times Square,
and the Doors close as I approach the train.
I ask for a Miracle, and wait for the next one.

IMG_3517I missed the 3:52.
So Now I am on the 3:54 Train
On my way to MOM’s.

But I got MOM’s bread [Miracle]
and I got on the 3:54 Local [Miracle].
The 3:54 is the Last Off Peak Train of the afternoon —
The next Train jumps $5 to Peak rates
I avoided that additional charge [Miracle].
The Train, itself [Miracle].
Writing this Down [Miracle].
On my LapTop [Miracle]…
So What if these are not the exact Miracles I envisioned for myself.
Does that make them any less Miracles?

Sure. I envision more a life of stepping onto subway platforms as trains arrive.
And, of course, I’m wearing something Fabulous!
But in Reality
In Practice
Amidst the rushing about and train doors closing in our faces,
There are Subtle Miracles and Answered Prayers.
And it occurs to me,
as I pause to enjoy the Many Miracles of riding the 3:54 last Off-Peak Train
out of Grand Central,
that Subtle Miracles might be easy to miss.

Are there any Subtle Miracles in your Day today?


20140805_142325 20140811_111048 IMG_3408 20140914_181702 - Version 2 20141007_144305






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  1. That post was an absolute delight. You truly had a day of miracles. Thanks for making my day.

  2. Dara

     /  October 23, 2014

    What a great reminder that miracles can be subtle, and rarely (if ever) look exactly like we expect them too. This will help me to be more mindful of the many subtle miracles in my life. Thank you so much.


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