Subtle Miracles

IMG_2814I am on the 3:54 Train
On my way to MOM’s.
I swept on as the doors closed behind me, like a scene from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.
And I was able to pick up her favorite Bread,
stopping for a hurried moment of my 120-second jaunt
between the Subway Shuttle and Track 105. (more…)

37 Minutes

HomelessArrived at Penn Station 7:42 pm
Rushing down 33rd Street toward the subway,
a Man says to me, “Excuse me, Sir, May I ask you a Question?”
Enough of a New Yorker to know that a Question means a request for Money, I apologize and say I am in too much of a Hurry.
He calls after me, “Would you buy me something to eat?”
I keep walking.
After twenty yards or so, I can continue no further.
I rush back. (more…)


Sun ShiningSitting at the Kitchen Table
With a pile of Bills to pay
Never been much of a Left Brain somebody
And Somehow this process leaves me feeling less of a Whole Person
After thirty-five years in Show Business
and a Lifetime in America at the End of Capitalism
One would think I’d be used to it by now. (more…)