It’s not too late.

Summer technically does not end for two more weeks — Autumn begins on Monday September 23rd this year! That’s a Full Two More Weeks!
And while the summer Harvest is beginning to wane, and Autumn’s apples are coming in. You can still find Blueberries… Pluots… Heirloom tomatoes!
Large crops of fresh local Tomatoes, ripe and red! Not from warehouses where they’ve been gassed for color. …Fresh!
Beautiful, Robust, Tasty, and Delicious!
There’s even a few peaches here and there… They might be done sometime this week….
But it ain’t over!
What can you do with that?
What can you make?
What can you Create, just one more time…
See the possibility!
Waste not the golden hours in grudging they’re going! But rather, celebrate what is here!
Savor what is Now!
One of my very favorite meals is Heirloom Tomato Watermelon Salad! (more…)


Augustus Caesar...Looks to me LIke a Guy who knew how to Enjoy Life

Augustus Caesar…Looks to me LIke a Guy who knew how to Enjoy Life

Named to honor the first Roman Emperor (and grandnephew of JULIUS CAESAR), AUGUSTUS CAESAR (63 B.C. – A.D. 14)…

August is a Gift.
August is a time to do some of the things for which we never have time…
Not to Lament what’s going away
Nor to Panic about what is coming around again
“As soon as it hits Labor Day, I see Christmas!”
Yes. It is just about ninety Days until the first Day of Advent.
But Labor Day is in September.
Christmas is in December.
With a Full Week of this Glorious Gift remaining,
Let us Celebrate the Present Moment of August. (more…)