Augustus Caesar...Looks to me LIke a Guy who knew how to Enjoy Life

Augustus Caesar…Looks to me LIke a Guy who knew how to Enjoy Life

Named to honor the first Roman Emperor (and grandnephew of JULIUS CAESAR), AUGUSTUS CAESAR (63 B.C. – A.D. 14)…

August is a Gift.
August is a time to do some of the things for which we never have time…
Not to Lament what’s going away
Nor to Panic about what is coming around again
“As soon as it hits Labor Day, I see Christmas!”
Yes. It is just about ninety Days until the first Day of Advent.
But Labor Day is in September.
Christmas is in December.
With a Full Week of this Glorious Gift remaining,
Let us Celebrate the Present Moment of August.

SkyAugust is Time to:
Meditate in the Mornings
Play Outside
Look at the Sky
Look at Your Hands
Breathe Deeply
Stay in the Present Moment
Workout More

Clean Out
Let Go
HandThrow Away what we no longer need
Go for a pleasant evening walk
Stop what you’re doing and Take a Walk OutDoors Right Now
Enjoy a Summer Treat (Maybe Frozen Yogurt, Italian Ices,
or a Nice Cool Glass of Water with cut Strawberries floating in it)
Stay Up Late
Watch a Movie
Just Do Nothing
Play a Game
People Watch
Grab a Blanket and Go lay out in the Park and Sunbathe (Don’t forget the SunScreen)
Walk through a StreetFair. Have a Mozzarepa!
Visit a Friend





Walk till Sunset
Take off Your Shoes and Socks and Go Barefoot in the Grass
Take an Art Pad and some Colored Pencils or Crayons — Go outside and Draw a Tree
Take Time
Have a Long Slow Delicious Bath with Special BathSalts or Soap Confetti
Make a Wish upon a Star
Enjoy the Night Sky… Find ConstellationsIMG_2400
Dance OutDoors
Attend an OutDoor Performing Arts Festival
Buy an Ice Cream Cone or a Cup of Coffee or a complete Dinner for a Stranger
Give every Homeless Person you meet a Dollar
and Enjoy that you have the Abundance to Do So
Share what you Have
Enjoy the Last of the Summer FruitsIMG_3093
Sing a Happy Song about Summer, A Capella
Live the Way you want to
Fantasize Yourself Everything You Ever Wanted to Be
Let Go of Any Shame You May Feel about Your Body
Take a Train Ride
Have a Picnic — Wrap up Your Lunch, add in a Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Apple Cider, bring a lightweight blanket or sheet, go to some nearby patch of Grass, Sit Down and Enjoy the Experience
20140731_161014Leave Your Headphones at Home and Listen to the Sound of the Breeze
Turn off your CellPhone
Pray for Someone You Resent — Pray for their Good Health and Happiness and Prosperity; Pray for them Every Good Thing You Wish for Yourself
Walk past your regular stop of the train or the Bus, and pick it up further down the Line
Throw some stuff away — Maybe Clean Out just one Drawer, Cabinet or Closet
Cook a Fabulous Summer Meal — a Brand New Recipe, perhaps from an Easy Summer menu
Call someone on the phone with whom you haven’t spoken in months
Go to your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or Quaker Meeting House
Try a New Religion; Attend a Service of another Faith
Enjoy a Technology-Free Day, off the Grid
IMG_3209Visit a Local Botanical Garden. Sit there.
Find a Trail and Take a Hike
Make a PlayList of Songs about Summer and Enjoy it OutDoors
Rent a Bike and Ride
Kiss Someone
Attend an OutDoor Dance Concert
Or Any Dance Concert
Find a Free Performance in the Park and Attend
Indulge in the US OPEN
Dig through your closet and find an Article of Clothing or pair of shoes you used to Love, but haven’t worn in a Long Time — Put it on and Enjoy the Day
Try RollerSkating or SkateBoarding — if you don’t have the equipment, can you borrow or rent some?
Ask for Something that You Need
Ask for Something that You would Like
Massage Your Temples
Relax your Eyes
Gaze at the Summer Sky and Give Thanks for it All
Find a Coffee Shop with a Great Breakfast Special — Treat Yourself to Breakfast Out and Go into Work Late!
20140624_102038Do Something NAUGHTY
Do Something FUN
If this were your Last Summer, what would you regret not having done?
Do It!
Make a Pilgrimage
Initiate a Quest
AUGUST is a time of Possibility
We know what September is
We know what June and July are
But August is Perpetually Undefined, and thereby Unlimited
Define it for YourSelf.
Take it One Day at a Time
Be Present
Open Up
Welcome the Day
Labor Day is a Week Away!
Summer’s end is a Month Away!
It is Now
We are ALIVE and PRESENT and the SKY is BEAUTIFUL!
How shall we Celebrate the Moment?

…And to start off your Play List:

# # #

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  1. Atif

     /  August 24, 2014

    Interesting post. I have lots to catch up on before summer ends.


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