Things my Mother Taught Me

In honor of Mother’s Day 2018

Mothers are Precious and Beautiful Creatures.
They are Loving and Kind and it is in their Nature to Give.
They do their Best to help us; still, sometimes they succeed in driving us Crazy!
Sometimes this Act of Love — Birthing Us, i.e.: Opening Up the Avenue for us to come into our Physical Being — can lead to all kinds of dysfunction and even animosity or resentment, but regardless, they are the one person who was Always There!
Sometimes, they left too early, and this can cause confusion. But it is never due to a lack of Love! They made sure they got us here before they left!
They are the person who will always in some way, know us better than we know ourselves!
However it may come out — and I acknowledge that for some folks, the whole thing feels like a train wreck, or we may feel bereft in cases in which they transitioned into the non-physical realm earlier than we might have chosen, were it up to us — on some level we know the Truth: that our Mother cares for us more than Life itself!
No one has more directed their personal thought using us as the object of their attention.
No one other than ourself has thought so much about us nor cared so much about our Well Being.
Sometimes we cannot endure the separation of the relationship, whether emotional or physical, and so we withdraw. But, as Abraham-Hicks teaches us, in truth, her inability to keep up with us is no reflection on her, because nobody can keep up with anybody!
So whether our relationship with our Mother is bumpy and complicated, or simple, or a constant source of delight,
Today we Celebrate that Relationship and all that we share with our Mother, regardless of the form that it takes!
And so today, I give Thanks to my Beautiful Mother for all of the things she taught me!
Here are a few:

  1. Be Kind! Whenever I was anything less than kind, she would say, gently, forgivingly, and often pleafully, “C’mon. Don’t be like that!” And she would make a kind of admonishing wincing face until I changed my tune.


  1. Be Generous. Share what you have. Even if you don’t have much, it’s better to share.


  1. Always reimburse people right away when they have bought something for you that you asked of them. Never let money get in the way of any relationship.


  1. Step out of the way and let people pass — if you are walking two or three abreast, be aware of people coming in the opposite direction and step behind the person with whom you are walking. Always smile and acknowledge the person, or persons, passing by.


  1. Say, “Excuse Me!” when you move through another person’s path. Smile and always acknowledge others. People like to feel acknowledged.


  1. Study Hard. And get your Homework done before you go out and play. Then you have all the remaining time to Play! It’s better that way.


  1. Some TV is ok. Too much is not a good thing. (TV, then = Computers and Phones, now)


  1. Respect your Father. Just because you don’t see him around all the time does not mean that he isn’t working to support you and Loving You very much. Sometimes his absence can be a direct expression of his Love.


  1. Say, “Please!”


  1. Say “Thank You!”


  1. You can do it! At least, give it a try!


  1. Dress Nice. You don’t want to look like a slob. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just nice. And Polish your shoes.


  1. Don’t buy the cheapest of something. It might be cheaply made. Always buy at least one level up.


  1. Help the old lady, or the person carrying too many grocery bags, or the person with the heavy package, or the person in a hurry, or basically, anyone who needs help. And always be a gentleman and give your seat to a lady or an elderly person.


  1. Cover Your Mouth! Cover Your Mouth when you Sneeze, when you Cough, and when you Yawn! Cover your Mouth!


  1. Get outside! It’s good to play outside!


  1. Use Real Parmigiano Reggiano! And when we were Growing Up and MAMA was raising four kids, substituting the then less expensive Fresh Pecorino Romano was fine, as long as it was Fresh! But as soon as we were all done with College, back to Parmigiano Reggiano it was!


  1. Have FUN! It’s important to have Fun!


  1. Be a Little Naughty! It’s important to have Fun!


  1. It’s Good to be Busy! When work seems overwhelming, Be Grateful! There will be plenty of time for sleeping when you’re dead!

Thank You, MOM, for Every Gift you have ever given me!
Thank You for the Care and Attention and the Time!
Thank You for the Wisdom and the Magic and the Appreciation for All of Life’s Miracles!
Thank You for the Patience — or, as you say, Pazienza! And for reminding me that it would be good for me to get some, and recognizing that I never would.
Thank You for being MOM!
Thank You, My Beautiful Mother!

# # #

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