ReAwakening: Summer 2018

The Scent of Lilacs

The Desktop of my Computer usually has a plethora of Open Documents in the Dock,
Both Creative and Work-Related…
So many Undone Things!

Some of these Projects have been open and in development for a Year
or Two or Seven…
Some resurface periodically,
Others I am just always working on…
It is a slow-going Process.

The Birthing Process, takes a full nine months to make a tiny tiny human being,
one that needs everything — daily bathing, education, clothes, Love and Care…
That nine months of discomfort and doctor visits and maternity tops and prenatal care are all just to give Birth so that it may all then begin.
And yet, each experience has validity and wonder in its own right.

How terrible it would be if with each project in development we determined its worthiness only by whether or not it had been completed.
Imagine if we decided to quit our pregnancy just because it wasn’t yet a baby,
Or if we looked at the Beautiful New Baby to which we had just given birth, cradling the child in our arms and proclaimed,
“Take it away! I want nothing to do with it! It has no education!”

Whether it’s a child or an idea,
It takes more than that to Give Birth!
I Love that expression: “Give Birth.”
It acknowledges that Birth is a Giving Act.
It requires something of us!

This weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, marks for many the Beginning of Summer!
While the various equinoxes and such may technically be June 21st and September 21st, or thereabouts,
our culture has grown to think of
Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend as the Summer Season.
Thus, Memorial Day declares a kind of Beginning to a New Season —
A Season of Sunshine and Crashing Waves and Salt Air,
A Season of Lighter Clothing,
A Season of Unburdening.

Blossoming DogWood in Central Park

A Season of Kids off from School,
And Amusement Park Rides —
And Summer Romance,
Longer Swathes of Daylight
Giving way to evening’s expanse of Color-Filled Skies,
then to Opulent Starry Nights…
A Season of Nature Walks and Hikes along Mountain Trails,
A Bacchanalian Reveling in Nature,
Just to enjoy her Beauty,
her Promising Expression,
her Pigmented Blush,
her Unencumbered Magnificence!
So many Gifts!
So many Beginnings!

And in this time of Commencements and Launches,
It seems quite suitable to Celebrate our own Beginnings!
Our own Projects Not Yet Completed!
Our Own Incubations — even the things we said we would do a decade ago — or two or three…
We are still here!
We are still in this Life!
We are still around and able to Create!
We can still do it!
Listen Closely!
Do you hear some project calling you?
Something Unfinished
That has been ripening in your absence…

An Art Project — A tribute to Tiffany on West 3rd Street in New York City

And So, what would happen if we took just one more step?
Even a small step?
If we Opened Up to a tryst of sorts with that old Lover…
Our Book,
Our Painting,
Our Poetry,
Our Culinary Magic,
Our WorkOut Routine,
Our Dancing,
Our Music,
Our Dream…
What if we Unfastened ourself, Laying Open and Spread-Eagled to this Summer
To this New Beginning
As a chance for a Fabulous Affair
With that one we once Loved
To feel the intimacy once again
To bear our Souls
And to Let Everyone See?
Does that feel too Vulnerable?
Within our Vulnerability, there lies our Greatest Strength!
Embrace that Vulnerability!
What would happen if we made this the Summer of Vulnerability!
If we just ran naked on the beach and celebrated the Beauty of our Imperfect Aging Body for the Glorious Gift that it is!
Can you imagine if an Alien from another world came here and materialized close to you — how fascinated they would be by your Beauty!
You with your Two Eyes
And your Splendid Face
And your Legs that Walk
And Your Extraordinary Fingers and Toes — the Miracle of your Opposable Digits!
You with your unique and Delightful Speaking Voice!
You with your own matchless Footprints in the sand,
And your Marvelous Ears with which you Hear!
Your Spleen!
Your Liver!
Your Kidneys!
All of your Organs, Functioning Miracles!
You with your appreciation for Music and your ability to Laugh!
You with your Belly Button — that marvelous Reminder of the other body from whence you came, that Gift of Birth,
And your Spectacular Genitals,
And your Nose with its sense of Smell,
And your arms, how they Move and can Carry Things! And Hug!
Can you imagine how an Alien deprived of such a body would be dumbfounded and all aglow in admiration for the Beauty of your own one particular Miracle Body!
No Other-Worldly Creature would tell you that you need to lose a few pounds!
They would rather be gobsmacked, awestruck —
Spellbound by the Beauty of your Body,
just as it is!

Beauty Everywhere!

What would happen if you spent this Summer, mesmerized by your own Beauty!?
What would happen if you refused to spend one moment this summer in the absence of JOY!
What if we created this particular Summer ahead as a Glorious Spell of Incubation
For your Dreams!
For that which you would like to Create!
To Revisit that project you had started so long ago and which still lies dormant yet hungry in your heart!
To Reawaken!
To Dance Again!
To gently bring it back, with No Judgement, to the front burner
And begin to Simmer!

Let it Simmer!

What a Wonderful World it would be!
Know that this Summer —
This Summer with its Beauteous Flowers
And its Bountiful Fresh Fruits —
This Summer just Beginning,
This Time, Pregnant with Possibility,
This Summer is just for You!


# # #

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  1. This is beautiful and just what I needed. Thank you ❣️


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