BreakFast in the TreeHouses 4 of 5

BreakFast in the TreeHouses
The Best of the Breakfasts!
Here’s the thing about Cookies:

“…There is a problem with the plan

The no more eating cookies plan!

The problem with the plan

Is if we want to eat more cookies, then, in fact, we can…

Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies…”

— from A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD, a Musical by WILLIE REALE, based on the Stories by ARNOLD LOBEL

This is the Fourth Day this Week that we are featuring Breakfast Recipes, many of which I have whipped up at Tree House Point .
Tomorrow (Friday), I shall complete this Series with the final post revealing some Magical Muffin Recipes featured at , the Blog for all things TreeHouse.
We shall post a link for you here, as well.

Every Day here, Fresh Homemade Cookies are put out in the afternoon, for the Guests to Enjoy.

Who doesn’t enjoy Homemade Cookies!
“Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you!”
I Love to Bake!  Do You Like to Bake?

One of the Pleasures of working in the Tree House Point Kitchen is that, in addition to making BreakFast, you get to make the Cookies! Here are a few Favorites:

You will note that, unlike Yesterday’s Puff Pastry Post which encouraged freedom and creativity, and in which amounts were fairy unspecific, e.g.: “…Dice some Onions and Sauté ‘em….Maybe fry up some Bacon and Crumble it…Sauté some Mushrooms…,” the measurements in these Cookie Recipes are more specific, e.g.: “…1 large egg, room temperature preferred…1 teaspoon vanilla extract… 1 cup (125g) all-purpose flour (measured correctly)…” and here, and in Baking in general, exact measurements will lead to a better result.

Dark Moon Cookies

My Signature Cookie there has become this Discovery of Fudgy Wonder:
This Recipe uses Cacao Powder instead of Flour, so it is Gluten Free and Extra Rich and Chocolatey! (If you don’t tell people these are Gluten Free, they can’t even Tell!)
Use the finest quality Cacao you can find! (I prefer Bensdorp or Valrhona)
These Cookies are Truly Special — the deep intensity of the Cacao releases the serotonin in your brain which can make for a Romantic Night ahead…
What a Delight!

California Sunshine Chip

One Day, we were out of Cookie Dough, and we were awaiting a Grocery Delivery.
So I was in a hurry and had to use what ingredients we had on hand. I had to find a Drop Cookie (i.e.: one for which the dough was not required to be chilled before baking, but the batter could be dropped by teaspoonfuls right from the mixing bowl to the cookie sheet, and baked.) And I wanted it to be something special — slightly unique.
This proved surprisingly hard to find.
But when I saw this recipe from Williams-Sonoma, I knew it was the right one:
When in a hurry, this is a great Go To Cookie!


It was SUSAN who introduced me to the Wonder of SALLY’S BAKING ADDICTION in general, and this cookie in particular:
A Salted Chocolate Cookie with a Chocolate Caramel Candy in the Center!
And you can make them with Gluten Free Flour, if you like, and they come out quite well!
What a Delightful Surprise to find that Caramel Center!

I Asked SUSAN if I might post this Recipe, since it was she who introduced me to it, and she replied in her inimitable way, “I belong to the ‘Free Cookie Society,’ now known as FCS!” In fact, I am the founding member. You may go forth and spread cookies throughout the land…”

I am reminded of my friend MARYANN who was a Beautiful Girl, very much like JUDY HOLLIDAY — Big Eyes, Simple Wisdom, and a New Jersey Accent. Years ago, my parents were entertaining company at home. It was right around the time when various candy companies began offering their products in individual foil-wrapped pieces, and my MOM had put out some after-dinner chocolates. MARYANN passed through their Living Room with me and asked if she might have one of the shiny foil-wrapped chocolates. She bit into it and standing in the center of the room, commented a bit too loudly in her JUDY HOLLIDAY-like voice, “Dis is ROLOs!!!”

So, of course, when I make these cookies, I name them after her!


One of the Great things about Cookies is you don’t even have to have anyone particularly in mind with whom to share them. Once they’re baked, people will come around.
But feel free to surprise a Neighbor, your Local FireHouse, or the folks at Work…
My Mom does that. She is always sharing whatever she’s made.


Celebrate your Act of Love!

# # #

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