Reinventing OurSelves in the Second Half of Life

It is Nothing Short of Glorious!
In our Youth-Focused Culture, it may seem daunting.
But it is as natural as any other coming of age!
And we’ve been through so many such transitions…

Like an Onion, we shed our skin and there is a Whole New Fresh and Flavorful Layer Underneath!
It feels like bitterness as it squirts in our eye, but ultimately it makes everything Sweeter!
That which we see as an Ending is also a Beginning!

t.s.eliot put it this way:
“…for last year’s words belong to last year’s language
and next year’s words await another voice…”
“…what we call the beginning is often the end.
and to make an end is to make a beginning.
the end is where we start from…”

It can seem as if we are concluding that which we used to do,
And we knew so much about it.
Now there are new things to do,
And we have no idea how to go about it.
Yet, how rejuvenating to be granted the Gift of a Beginner’s Mindset
Just when we thought we knew it all.
What an Angelic Touch on the Shoulder it is
to recognize that we have nothing Figured Out.

So, let’s Let Go of everything we thought we knew,
And Embrace this New Thing
This New Way
This Unknown Treasure…

Sure, we can still do whatever it is we’ve been doing,
But if we Listen,
If we pay attention to what is going on Inside
We can hear that still small Voice
Crying out to Try Everything twice before we leave this planet
Urging us on to Try Everything that we’ve ever done in a New Way…

And knowing too much — that only gets in our way.
So, let us Welcome the Undiscovered!
Let us Sing Songs in our New Voice
And Dance Dances in our New Body
Perhaps we cannot leap as high as we once did,
But we can Move Now with more intention than we ever had!
And there is New Beauty in our Movement Now!

Let us shun any sense of lack
For we are Rich and Abundant in the Gifts of Life!
We have Everything we need in this Moment, Now!
Let us Unleash our Mentoring Spirit and Teach Others all that we know.
Let us Give it All Away
Like Scrooge after the Transformation — That all comes pretty late in the story!
So if it feels too late in our own story to have our Transformation, its’ Not!
It is, in fact, Just the Right Time!
This Moment!
I have a Friend who always Loved to Cook!
She worked in Computer Technologies while she raised her Children and did an Amazing job with them.
They are Grown now and doing well on their own,
And she is Now Working in the Culinary Arts — in some very high end Restaurants and Catering Kitchens.
Let’s Follow her Example,
And take that Magical Step toward our True Self!
Our Truer Self!
Let’s meet the Truest Self we have Become!
We are Ready for Her Now!
We are Ready for Him Now!
(We are ready for a Gender Neutral Pronoun!)

Macaroons my friend made. She MADE these!!!

I have friends on Healing Journeys with Cancer and other forms of DisEase which have come into their Lives.
And they have begun a Journey of Health First!
A Journey of Self-Care unlike any they have ever known!
These are Such Great Gifts… these Journeys of Self Love!
Let us Embrace them and know what it is to care for the Gift of this Life Given Us!

We are Created in the Image of our Creator.
Our Creator Loves Us!
And So, we must Love ourselves and recognize the Precious Creations that we are…
And Soul!
And if it takes some Transformation — perhaps of ourselves or of someone close to us,
And that Changes our Lives,
Let us Accept that that Transformation is Very Much for the Better…
And Let us Embrace our New Selves!
Let us Embrace the Reinvention!
Let us know that this is not our Last One.
This is not necessarily the Final Who-We-Are-To-Be!
This is merely the Next Who-We-Are-To-Be!
And Let us Be the Best One Ever!

Whatever you are, Try to be a Good One!

All of these Challenges that we Face
All of these Confusions
Everything that feels like Failure…
It is Not!
There are no Failures.
There is only Time spent here on Earth and Choices of How to Spend it.
You are Free to Make a Choice!

And So Many of Us
Wake up one day in the Second Half of Life
And wish for Something More…
Something Different…
Something Better…

So, Claim It!
Welcome It!
Embrace It!
Ritualize it!
“Don’t Dream It. Be Here!”
Set up an Altar to Welcome It!
Light a Candle!
Create a Vision Board!
Shine Your Light into the World!
This Light!
This New Light!
This Light that has taken us Some Half a Century to Kindle the Flames
And Shine So Brightly as we Do!
Is there some Dream that has been haunting You?
Is there some Idea that you have wanted for So Long to see happen and it just somehow got swept aside?
Why not try it today?
Why not experience what it would be Like?

Why not Drop the Skepticism,
Release the Inhibitions,
And Say “YES!”

YES to the New and the Old and the Untried and the Tired-Of-It-By-Now…
YES to the Unknown and the Curious To and the Wish I Could, and the “No Idea How, but Here Goes…”
YES to the Not Too Late and Why Not and Take the Leap…

And when the Challenges of Doing it make it seem impossible
And you feel safer in your Shell with how you’re used to doing things…
Remember that that may not be the Entire Reason that you are Here.

Welcome Your Higher Purpose!
Some Call it Reinventing YourSelf!
Others call it a Change of Life!
Some Call it a MidLife Crisis!
Still Others, Fulfilling One’s Purpose!

When You take that One Step Closer to Who You Are,
Take the Moment!
Enjoy a Sigh of Greatest Satisfaction!
And Exclaim, Out Loud,
“At Last!”



# # #

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  1. I’m turning virtual cartwheels for this one, Arnold. Love it! And may many be inspired by it to do what they think they’re too old for.


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