Things to Do Today

20160921_003717Today is World Gratitude Day.
September 21st.
Who knew?
I mean, it’s not a Holiday which I grew up knowing.
Apparently the United Nations Meditation Group created this Day back in 1977, by paying tribute to SRI CHINMOY, a Meditation Guru who had begun the concept some twelve years earlier at the East-West Center in Hawaii.

And so Here, Today, is a Day to Give Thanks across the World,
For All of Us to Come Together and Give Thanks!

Here are Ten Suggestions to Celebrate World Gratitude Day:

  1. Say THANK YOU at least fifty times today.

You can say it out loud. You can pray it out loud. You can find excuses to say it to others — Coworkers, or a Stranger who holds the door for you…

  1. Seek Out things for which to be Grateful.

Open your Eyes! Look Around You! There’s Plenty here! There’s probably people doing things for you that you aren’t even noticing. Start noticing. And Thank Them.

  1. Treat someone to a Cup of Coffee.

Or a StarBucks Gift Card. Or a small (under $5) present! Find some small token of Appreciation just to say “Thank You” to someone who has done something you appreciate.

  1. Text a Nice Thought.

Take a moment and text at least One person today to say, “It’s World Gratitude Day. I am Grateful for You!” You can text Ten people Too! Or a Thousand.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal.

I give this assignment to all of my Students, and I have for Years. Write Down Five Things Every Day for which you are Grateful! I Love to Count My Blessings Every Day! But even just for Today, Write Down Five Things for which you are Grateful!

  1. Surprise Someone

Empty the DishWasher for someone else. Help with the Babysitting, or some chores. Surprise someone you care about with Flowers. Help a neighbor who cannot get out — not someone you know — someone new. Share your Talent with someone who would be delighted by a Song, a Dance, or whatever it is you Do.

7. Give

No Doubt, someone needs your Help. Help them. Offer to buy a Homeless Person Dinner. Volunteer some time at a Shelter or Soup Kitchen. You can even commit today to doing it this weekend or next week. Ask your Local Church, Synagogue, Temple or Community Center how you can be of service for a few hours. Donate some time. Sing at an Old Age Home. Make Dinner for someone else. Help someone know that they are not alone.

  1. Thank Yourself, Too!

Give yourself a Hug! You have been doing a Great Job! There is So Much to be Thankful for! And that includes This Body! These Talents! This Work you Do! Who You Are! All that you Bring to the World! Love and Care for Yourself! Be Kind to Yourself. Be Gentle with Yourself. Remind Yourself Today, “Treating Myself as a Precious Object will make me Strong!”

  1. See the Light.

Look for the Good in People. If there is someone who annoys you, take a fresh look at them. Find a Good Quality in that person. Someone you Dislike? Someone you Hate? Look at them anew — give a thought to one single thing that is Good about them. Then Focus on that Good, and Expand it. Maybe even let them know that you appreciate this one thing about them. Live in Gratitude.

  1. Look for the Helpers.

Mr. Rogers famously said that his Mother told him that during catastrophes, “Look for the Helpers.” Who are your Helpers? Imagine for moment, with all that is going on in your Life, and all that makes you feel put upon, who the people are, both seen and unseen, who are Helping You, even right now… Take a moment and send out Blessings for their Good Health, Happiness, and Prosperity… Give Thanks for them, each and every one! Know that you are Not Alone.

We can have Gratitude Every Day! Every Moment!
And Today is an Official Day, across the World, dedicated to this Exact Purpose.
What are you Grateful For, Today?
Why not List Five Things in the Comments Section Below?
There are So Many Gifts.

# # #

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  1. Today I am grateful for: 1) Breathe 2) Sunshine streaming through my windows 3) My awesome technology 4) My dog groomer that comes to my house 5) My ability to express gratitude

  2. James Houston

     /  September 21, 2016

    Made my day Arnold, thanks for this!

  3. Sue Hochreiter

     /  September 21, 2016

    I am grateful for the Holy Spirit that walks with me. I am grateful for Jesus love for me. That he loves me so much that he allowed me to raise the most amazing young man with the most amazing husband in the world that he made both of them just for me. I am also grateful for my four legged furry son Max who is a bed hog. Arnold, I am also grateful for you from the wonderful memories of hiding in Grandma Tina’s bedroom to get away from people to the wonderful man that I love and respect today.

  4. Michelle Vigier

     /  September 22, 2016

    I absolutely LOVED this! Refreshing tips


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