Last Few Days of Summer…

the-sun-is-shining-the-sky-is-infinite-blue-and-we-are-alive-what-greater-gifts-are-there-copyI always Love this time of year!
Everyone thinks that it’s Autumn
But it’s really still Summer.
It feels like a secret Gift.

Culturally, Summer runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day
And it ends at Back to School.
But really, Autumn doesn’t begin until September 21st
Actually, some years it’s September 20th.
But this year, it’s September 22nd!
That’s a Whole Extra Day!
Never Underestimate the value of the Gift of a Day!
Think of the Things in your Life that have Changed You or Shaped You…Those things often happen in one Day — sometimes in one Moment.
What a Great Gift these next few Days are!
The weather has stayed quite nice, at least here in New York!
The Sun is Shining.
The Sky is Infinite Blue!
And we are Alive!
What Greater Gifts are there!the-sun-is-shining-the-sky-is-infinite-blue-and-we-are-alive-what-greater-gifts-are-there

Let us Enjoy what we have
What is Before Us This Day
This present Moment
This Summer!
This Invincible Summer!

Swim naked outdoors!
Perhaps you can uncover a few moments to spend at a sidewalk café
savoring a favorite beverage while taking in the passersby.
Perhaps you can take a walk in the Park,
Hug a Tree,
Find some slip of Nature to Appreciate.
Perhaps there is still time to Fall in Love
Or Fall in Love once again with the person with whom you are in Love
Or maybe just Love Yourself.
Give yourself a Hug!
Right Now
Pause from Reading this — put it down for a moment — and Hug Yourself!
You are ALIVE!
And, in spite of what you may have been led to Believe,
It is Still Summer!
Summer is within You.
It is a State of Mind.
It is claiming a moment in the midst of the Day’s Relentless Demands
To Relax,
To Breathe Deeply,
To Look Up and take in the feeling of a Clear Blue Sky,
To make the choice to take care of yourself,
To Exercise,
And Enjoy Fresh Leafy Green Vegetables,
To make time for Yoga,
To take a Bike Ride for No Reason…
It is a time to recognize that Who You Are is not entirely defined by what you do for a Living.
It is a time to bask in the Sunshine,
Appreciate the Fruits of the Earth,
Delight in the Passing of Time,
And Savor the Moment!3

Cherish Everyone!
Prize Everything!
Treasure Every Moment!
Live and Love and Laugh and Play and Dance and Sing and Be Kind!
Run through the Sprinklers in your mind!
Steal a Moment outdoors and Feel the Warmth of the Sun Upon your Face!
Enjoy a Movie as if you have the time.
Play in the Dirt.
Splash some Cool Water on your Face!
Delight in a Game!

Having a Bad Day?
Have some Fresh Corn on the Cob!
And HoneyDew Melon!
And Grapes!
And Fresh StrawBerries — they are still Plentiful, Reasonably Priced, and Oh So Sweet!
And Remember that there are Plenty of People out there who would Love to have your Bad Days!
Celebrate Summer!
Discover the Magic of a Late Summer Evening!
Awaken with a Late Summer Sunrise!
Carpe Diem!
And it’s a Harvest Moon!
Whom do you Love?
Go and Look in that Person’s Eyes!
Look Deeply!
Tell them that you Love them.
Tell them again.
And again.
And again.


# # #

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  1. Astrid Larsen

     /  September 18, 2016

    A big fat flourishing yes to loving and living this wildly – with such abandon!!! Thank you Arnold for pumping eternal summer into my bones!

  2. Beautiful, Arnold! And I am absolutely convinced my bad days would be glorious for many. Thanks for the reminder.


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