Vulnerable in the Soup

vul·ner·a·ble (vŭl nər-ə-bəl) adj.   1.a. Susceptible to physical harm or damage
b. Susceptible to emotional injury, especially in being easily hurt
c. Susceptible to attack
—American Heritage Dictionary


The Deaths of those 49 kids in Orlando kicked off this tumultuous Summer in the shadow of what I find to be a fairly Terrifying Presidential Election Campaign, all making us aware of just how Vulnerable we are.
Grieving for the Lives of:

From left, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa, killed in Dallas, last week.

From left, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa, killed in Dallas, last week.

The 80 people killed in Nice….
The countless Muslims killed by ISIS…

Trayvon Martin, photo from Wikipedia

Trayvon Martin, photo from Wikipedia

Two Months ago, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN sold on auction to the Highest Bidder the Gun he used in the shooting of TRAYVON MARTIN, netting somewhere between $100,000 and a Quarter of a Million Dollars, based on various reports. He billed it for the sale as “a piece of American History.”
DisGrace, in the Truest Definition of the Word.

And Yes — ISIS murders mostly Muslim people.
Muslims are the victims of 82% to 97% of Terrorist Attacks.
We just don’t hear as much about this.
It is more just a part of the vague and infinite violence in the Middle East that exists in the background news of our Lives.

We are all in the Soup Together.
I have known Buddhists who would not kill a cockroach or put out a mousetrap in their apartment as their Belief is to kill no other Living Being.
Lets All Be Buddhists!

At a Buddhist Temple in Shiga, Japan

At a Buddhist Temple in Shiga, Japan

I have known Doctors who protect the sanctity of Human Life even to the point of people’s organs and body functions being kept alive when there is no hope of full recovery. Their Mission is to Preserve Human Life, at all Costs.
Let’s All Be Doctors!

I have known people with Stage Four Cancer fighting to stay Alive.
My Father at almost 90, chose to have chemotherapy.
Why would anyone at that age put themselves through that?
A Close Friend who survived Cancer smiled a knowing Smile and told me,
“You always want just that One More Cup of Coffee.
Just that One More Morning…
One More Day…”
Let’s All Pour for One Another that One More Cup of Coffee.

It is So Precious. Isn’t it?
It is So Wildly Valuable!
It is Heaven — or maybe there is a Heaven beyond this, but of This, we are Sure!
“Heaven is here, there is no other place.
Heaven is now, there is no other time.”

We fight for every scrap of this Life.
As I write this I am sitting on an airplane, some 28,000 feet in the air,
wearing compression socks and having taken a baby aspirin because a Cardiologist told me that this is necessary for every adult who flies, is spite of the sad reality that so few people do it, and the aftereffects such carelessness can have —
as we are So Vulnerable
Taking such precautions might increase one’s chances of Living to see
that One More Morning
that One More Cup of Coffee…
Let’s Live every scrap we can get!

A friend who lives in France was in Nice with his Family for Bastille Day. His simple post the next day read:
“It was a so cool evening… All the people around me seemed happy. The kids had balloons in a hand, an ice-cream on the other.. Teenagers were dancing in the street… Others were singing. And the truck came…”

How is it that all in this Soup together, sharing commonality in the value of Human Life, that a man drives a truck in the middle of this crowd and kills 80 people?
A Man walks into a Gay NightClub in Orlando and kills 49?
A Man in West Yorkshire shouts “Britain First” and kills Labour Member of Parliament, JO COX?
A Police Officer kills a man he is taking under arrest, not as a last resort?
America goes into Iraq to start a war and to date kills a quarter of a million citizens?
DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV Kills an 8-year old Boy at the Boston Marathon and makes the Cover of ROLLING STONE?
…while GEORGE W. BUSH dances at a Memorial Service in Dallas…

I Believe in the Sanctity, Value and Potential of Every Human Life
I grew up, beginning each day at school by Pledging Allegiance to “Liberty and Justice for All.”
And I stand by that.

The Nurse from Jamaica My Friend's Mom had in mind for me

The Nurse from Jamaica My Friend’s Mom had in mind for me

Visiting my friend.
Her Mom is in the Hospital.
She asked for a Croissant — “but not one of those doughy ones — the real thing.”
We drove North to a French Bakery, and then South to the Hospital to visit her and bring the Croissant.
She was So Happy.
And Happy to see me, as I was her.
She told me that she’d found someone for me — there was a new Nurse there and that he was “So Tall and Handsome — I thought of You Right Away! I want you to meet him”
She introduced us, with a  Twinkle in her Eye, completely forgetting I have a Partner of 18 Years.
It was Sweet.
Her Zest for Life in her Eighties — in her fine taste for Croissants, and Men, is So Inspiring.

Singer at the Premiere of 7Sould Last Night in Toronto

Singers Sing at the Premiere of 7Sould Last Night in Toronto

The Singers Sing
The Dancers Dance

Dancers Dance at the Premiere of 7Sould Last Night in Toronto

Dancers Dance at the Premiere of 7Sould Last Night in Toronto

If You have Talents, share them!
If You have something to Give, Give It!
If You have a Story, Tell It!
If You have a Heart, LOVE.
Love Poorly
Love Weakly
Love Imperfectly
Love without Reserve
Love without Judgement
Love Everyone
Love Vulnerably
Just LOVE.

If You have been Wronged, Forgive!3
If You have been Attacked, Make Peace!
If You need a Friend, Offer FriendShip.
If You are Hungry, Feed Others!
If You are Homeless, Give Shelter!
If You have a Gift, Share It!
If You see someone else who is Vulnerable, Help Them!

Perhaps there aren’t always Inspiring Solutions in which Everyone Wins.
But there are Sometimes.
Even Children’s Movies Lately seem to be catching up with Better Endings
At the end of Movies such as ZOOTOPIA, FINDING DORY, and TOY STORY 3, Balance is brought back into the World without the Villain being Killed.
Killing People is out of Fashion Now
The New Generation coming up is being offered a New Message.

We need Healing. Let us Heal One Another.
We need Help. Let us Help One Another.
We need Hope
We need Peace
We need One Another
We need our Vulnerable Selves…

BENNET CERF used to tell a story about a boy who was drowning.
A Man jumped into the ocean to save him.
When the Boy came to, he said, “Thanks for saving my Life, Mister!”
“That’s OK,” the man replied, “Just make sure that your Life was worth Saving!”

We are still here.
We are Alive
We are Orlando
We are Nice
We are Baton Rouge
We are Dallas
We are Syria…
Let us do what we can to make sure that our Lives are Worth Saving!
Let us Live with a New Message!
Let us Bring a Message of Healing and Hope to Others.

We in the Soup Together are shifting to a New Paradigm.
It is not about Punishment and Death and Killing.
It is about Peaceful Resolution.
It is about Forgiveness.
It is about Heaven Here and Now.
It is about Embracing our Vulnerability.
It is about Time!

2# # #

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  1. An anthem of YES and I WILL and TOMORROW/TODAY/THIS MOMENT. I am so inspired by this, Arnold!


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