Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Trump, Jr. with his Kill

Trump, Jr. with his Kill

You know how you look at Something
It seems shocking at First
You can tell it’s Bad.
You don’t like it.
It’s Absurd, Really!
But after it’s been around awhile, you kind of get used to it.
And then it seems OK
Or at the Very Least, the Best you can do.
And, over time, you come to Accept it
As Normal.

It happens sometimes when we’ve had leftover food in the refrigerator for a few days.
It seems kinda’ borderline.
Maybe it’s gone bad.
Our Better Judgement tells us not to eat it.
But it seems like just too much Trouble to take care of ourselves,
To Make Something Fresh.
So we put it in the MicroWave on High
And we eat it.
We don’t die, so we eat it again the next night.
By Now it has definitely turned, and we get really sick.
Our initial instincts were Right.
It was BorderLine.
And Now, it’s not Good.
As MAMA always said about LeftOvers, “When in Doubt, Throw it Out!”
Do Not Swallow something that’s Bad.
Don’t Let your Guard Down.

Don Trump Jr holding the tail of an elephant he just killed for Sport

Don Trump Jr holding the tail of an elephant he just killed for Sport

When we start a new job
Perhaps we encounter someone who is a Problem.
Not a Good Egg.
(What I refer to as a “Dar Wall.”)
But after awhile
We have been around them Every Day
And in the World we find ourselves,
They might seem somehow more Normal.
More Sane.
They are the same person they’ve always been.
Do not Let your Guard Down.

Trump's Sons iwth a Leopard they killed for Sport

Trump’s Sons with a Leopard they killed for Sport

Maybe we take a photo with a Selfie Stick
Near a Cliff
We know it’s Dangerous.
But we do it once and it works.
So it somehow feels less dangerous because we survived it once.
So we become Less Afraid.
We take Pictures on precipices all the time.
And one day we Fall.
Because it was always Dangerous
And Unfit
And Not Sensible.
And our Initial Instincts about it were Right.
Do not let your Guard Down.

And sometimes when we’ve determined people to be
And they promote an Anti-LGBT Platform to the World
While Fucking Same-Sex Whores in their Hotel Bedrooms
it does not make it OK that they say, however awkwardly,
“As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”
Especially when they are known for Hate Legislation from within
Like MIKE PENCE’s Discriminatory So-Called “Religious Freedom” Bill
His fight against LGBT Rights as a CongressMan
And Supporting the Despicable KIM DAVIS in her Anti-Gay Sanctimonious Hate-Mongering Tyrades.

She has a Lot for which to Thank MIKE PENCE

She has a Lot for which to Thank MIKE PENCE

This is all partly Human Nature.
Gore Vidal years ago called us “The United States of Amnesia,” saying,
“Friday’s News is forgotten by Monday Morning.”
The Internet has intensified this phenomenon.
Those in Marketing and Sales know this, and use it to prey upon us.
But when it comes to a Presidential Candidate,
Do Not Let Your Guard Down.
Do Not Get Used to Something and see it as Less Offensive than it is.
Do Not Allow Familiarity to convince you that What you found a Source of Outrage
Is Somehow OK Now.
It’s not OK.
It hasn’t Changed.
Be on Your Guard.
The Danger is Still there.

Speak Out Like the Rolling Stones
Speak Out Like PAVAROTTI’s Family

The Words of JON STEWART are always, to me, Wildly Soothing:

A Meme from the Internet

A Meme from the Internet






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