Call to Joy

“God placed in the mind the call to Joy.
This call is so strong that the ego always dissolves at its sound.”
— T, 69. The Course in Miracles

What is your Call to JOY?
Is it to Write?
To Sing?
To play some Musical Instrument?
Is it to Paint?
To Garden?
To go for a Walk?
Is it to enjoy an evening with Friends?
To see Theater?
To bring a child to see a Movie?
To build a Snowman?
To build a treasured Memory?
Is it to be alone?
To Meditate?
To Read a Good Book?
A Cup of Coffee and a fresh crisp New York Times in the morning?
A cup of herbal tea and a crossword puzzle in the evening?

Is it a brisk Run?
Or enjoying the Game?
Or simply allowing your Inner Child out to Play?

What does it take?
Nature's Miracles
It occurs to me that we spend way too little time answering the Call.
We work.
We strut and fret.
We meet our responsibilities, fulfill our duties…
We shirk our responsibilities and we act out.

Maybe we eat too much or drink too much or smoke a pack of cigarettes because we are feeling so bad.
We are hungry… famished… starved for JOY.
Perhaps if we would just answer the Call to JOY, we would not feel the need to act our way out of our pain.
Perhaps we could simply enjoy Life,
Just as it is
And enjoy why we are here…
For JOY.
What is your Joy?
What does its Call ask of you today?

Is it time to bake?
Perhaps to knit?
Perhaps to call up a friend, meet for coffee and have a few laughs?
Maybe you feel called to take a nice warm bubble bath?
Or enjoy a Lovely piece of music?
Some Yoga?
A Workout?
A brisk walk?
Peaceful WInter
Perhaps a Nice Long Phone Conversation with a Good Friend who lives far away?
Perhaps sitting down and writing a Big Long Thank You Letter to someone who has done something for you in your Life?
Gratitude always makes me feel JOY-Full!

Is your Joy found in Challenges?
Hard Work?
Is your Joy found in the hustle and bustle of Broadway?
Unraveling Conundrums?
Games of Physical Skill?
Do you find it in Sex?
In Higher Learning?
Which Chakra is your Joy Place today?
1 Survival; Sexuality
2 Feelings; Pleasure
3 Personal Power; Expansiveness
4 Love for Self; Love for Others
5 Communication; Expression
6 Intuition; Inner Guidance
7 Knowingness; Pure Consciousness

Is your Call to JOY today different than it used to be?
Have you checked in with yourself recently to see what brings you JOY Now?
This Moment?
You have changed over this past year.
This past few months,
This past hour or two…
Who are you Now, in this Present Moment?
And what brings This Person — this person who you are Now — JOY?

Whatever it is,
This Day,
Give yourself the Gift of sitting quietly for a few moments…
And see if you can Hear the Call to JOY!
What is it calling you to do, Today?

Answer the Call.
# # #

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  1. We all have that call to joy, but we so often ignore or overlook it. What a strong and joyous reminder. Thank you, Arnold!


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