All In The Striving

Writing QuillI posted an excerpt of my last Blog Post into one of my FaceBook Groups —
Only the first part — the words of President Obama in his last State of the Union Address.
This alone caused a bit of a stir — an onslaught of comments which escalated to the point where the Group Administrator deleted my Post.
I felt it required a response from me.
In responding, I learned a little bit more about Why I Write.
I am sharing excerpts of that here:
“Firstly, Thank You all for your responses!
I have always been a big fan of Diversity — of all types!
I am a little late to the party on FaceBook, but I see people (not just in this group) saying, “If you disagree with me, unfriend me!” and I think,
“What an Uninteresting World THAT would be!”
One of the things I always most admired about us —
people seemingly so randomly thrown together — yet I believe Not,
is that we seemed to be people who Argue to LEARN, instead of Arguing to WIN.
As for my own personal Journey, after almost Losing My Life a few years ago, I began Writing my Blog. I enjoy sharing it. And I don’t need other people to agree with it, or to approve, for the exchange to be Valuable for both of us. Sometimes I learn a great deal when someone takes issue with it…

I was careful that the Post in this Group Only included the Words of Affirmation that I found So Beautiful in last week’s State of the Union Address —
I am surprised that these Words of President OBAMA ignited such a reaction.
The Words of DR. KING, which I posted a year ago on this same Weekend, for the same purpose, in this same Group, caused no such stir.
Perhaps History has not yet given perspective to the Former the way it has to the Latter…
We Learn a lot from one another and we do not need to always agree with one another to do that…
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I shall continue to share the parts of myself with you and the world, which as any writer among us will tell you, is not without cost.
And I know that means some will not like me for it.
You may remember about me from High School that I wasn’t about being Liked.
I’m still Not.
I am about sharing what I’ve Got.
It may not be the Brightest Gift.
It may not be the most Popular.
It may be somewhat Political and Thorny at times.
It’s certainly not Sweet.
It may be rather humble and ultimately not even Very Good.
But it is what I have to Offer.
And I Offer it to You.
I try to do so in a way that will not Offend, but if it does, So Be It.
Perhaps someone will learn from my example that it is OK to Offer what you have, regardless of how Good, or Not, you may think it is — or what anyone else may think.
Perhaps some will not absorb that Lesson for themselves, but grow better able to teach it to their Children.
And in some small way, by Living my Life
Adding my Light into the Sum of Light,
I shall have contributed to the World in the way in which I am able —
Maybe What we contribute doesn’t even matter
So Much as How we contribute it.
Maybe my stuff isn’t your Cup of Tea;
Maybe my Light doesn’t shine as Brightly as I might Wish.
It doesn’t Matter.
I will share what I’ve Got, and make Every Effort to not hurt others.
One among us insists that my post is “not about Love and Light.”
To address that, I am All About Love and Light.
I have seen the Darkness.
I Choose Light.
That is Not to presume in any way that I have achieved it
nor that I even know very much about it.
But rather that My Writing and My Life Purpose are All About:
How Close can we get to it?
What can I grasp of it?
What glimpse of it have I ever had that I can share today?
It is all in the striving.
Perhaps my latest post here failed in Reaching for that Goal.
Perhaps it was not the Words I shared here, but the Way they were Received.
Still, I will continue to Strive and Fail and Strive Again.
And I believe that each of us in his or her own way
(including those who have voiced their disagreement with my latest post),
Is Striving to do just that.
That is the thing I Respect.”
Pencil Point
# # #

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