Three French Hens

IMG_5902December 25th: Christmas Day
December 26th: The First Day Of Christmas
December 27th: The Second Day Of Christmas
December 28th: The Third Day Of Christmas. Today. Now.

A quick bit of internet research reveals that the Three French Hens in the Carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” have several symbolisms:

Some say they symbolize Faith Hope and Love
Others say they signify the Holy Trinity
And still others believe they refer to a new breed of Chicken.

In some cultures, White Chickens are believed to bring Good Luck.
For many, the Hen is a sign of Motherly Devotion
For others, it symbolizes Divine Intervention.

Did you know that the Chicken is the National Symbol of France?

Today is the Third Day of Christmas.
My True Love has not sent me three French Hens.
He did get me a Wireless Color Printer
And we are still opening our Gifts to one another from SANTA.
Yesterday we saw my Cousin from New Jersey.
The evening before my Niece stayed with us.
Before that there were six of us for Christmas Dinner
and before that, twelve of us for Christmas Eve.

I insist upon all Twelve Days of Christmas!
I know for many people it’s Chinese Food on Christmas Day — a Day Off — and Right Back to Work.
And if that brings you Joy, that’s Great.

IMG_5892For me, I grew up in an era when Christmas was Celebrated as a Season —
Not so much to promote purchasing —
It was More about Giving and Joy,
Being Together with Family & Friends,
Pausing to Enjoy and Reflect upon the Gift of God With Us…
Taking this time to Relish,
Declare Gratitude…
Do Good and Kind Things
Before the New Year Begins…
Perfectly and Strategically Placed.
This Festival of Lights at the Winter Solstice —
when Nights are Longest and Days are Darkest —
To Light Candles and Hang Lights to brighten even the Darkest Days —
or in this case, specifically the Darkest Days.
Apparently the real Birth of Jesus was in late September —
some say it could have been late March.
The Census to which MARY and JOSEPH were travelling would not have taken place in Winter when the roads were icy and not able to be travelled upon.
The Celebration of Christmas was created to coincide with the Winter Solstice,
The Pagan Festival of Lights.
And it is a Lovely Time, indeed.

Lighting of the Kwanzza Candles at MCC Church

Lighting of the Kwanzza Candles at MCC Church

Today is also the Third Day of Kwanzaa,
Celebrating Ujima, “Collective Works and Responsibility.”
We pray, “May we build and maintain our Communities Together.”

It is Good to Celebrate So Many Things.
It is Good to End the Year in Celebrations of All Kinds.
I heard someone say yesterday, “It is good to see 2015 come to an End. Such a Bad Year.”
And I thought, ‘Really?”
I mean, it’s not the Most Lucrative Year I have ever known.
I am neither my Richest nor my Most Fit.
It is not the Year during which my Book was Published
Nor did I win a Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar, nor even a Tony.
I didn’t cure Cancer, and I cannot say that I had the easiest time of things.
I have Work, and for that I am Grateful.
My bills are paid, and for that I am Glad.
I am Healthy and still here on a planet I so Enjoy and in a Body which may not seem like much to you but I Love It!
I am working on a Book and it is progressing Nicely.
I didn’t do anything that was eligible for a Tony, an Oscar nor a Nobel Peace Prize, but I have enjoyed countless accomplishments about which I am Most Enthusiastic.
And while I have not cured cancer, and don’t expect that I shall,
I do have 5 or 6 friends who are in the Healing Process of overcoming cancer —
In various phases of declared Remission,
And that alone is enough for me to declare this the most Wonderful Year Yet!

As many of you know,
I run the ACCESS MUSICAL THEATER FORUM on Thursday Nights, along with my Dear Friend, Broadway Legend, SANDE CAMPBELL.
In October, SANDE suffered several strokes.
Her playing was unaffected.
Turns out that Music is stored in a higher level of brain function
Who knew?
Several of my favorite Music Directors pitched in to cover throughout the Autumn,
And eventually,
the Awesome STEVE SWEETING jumped in to cover us through the end of the year.

SANDE practicing while I hold up the Sheet Music during her Rehabilitation

SANDE practicing while I hold up the Sheet Music during her Rehabilitation

Meanwhile SANDE continued her Rehabilitation and Recovery.
The Thursday before Christmas Eve, SANDE returned to Class, joining me in critiquing and feedback, while STEVE played the Class — sort of a trial run for SANDE’s return.
Toward the end of class, a talented young lady sang, “Simple Little Things.”
I shared my thoughts and then asked STEVE if he had anything to add.
He stood at the piano, gave a most assertive, “Yeah!”
Then looked directly at SANDE, and asked,
“Ya’ wanna’ play one?”
“I can’t! I didn’t bring my glasses,” SANDE objected.
“Yeah,” agreed STEVE in his innately Angelic and Supportive Manner,
then he shrugged, adding,
“But You Know this One.”
SANDE got up, went to the piano, and played Beautifully.
She played the next song as well.
With tears in my eyes, I shared,
“Well, I don’t know about you guys,
but I’ve already gotten Everything I wished for this Christmas!”

IMG_5839It is a Season of Miracles.
A Bad Year?
Au Contraire!
Open your eyes and look around you.
You will discover that this has been and continues to be a Very Good Year Indeed.
‘Tis the Season of Miracles.
‘Tis the Day of Ujima, “Collective Works and Responsibility.”
The Third Day Of Christmas:
…Faith Hope and Love
…A new breed of Chicken.
…Divine Intervention is Everywhere.
We are Most Richly Blessed.

# # #

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