You’ve Got a Wire Showing

IMG_5829MAMA was a Fashion Designer.
She had quite an eye.
As CÉZANNE once said about MONET,
“MONET is nothing but an eye, but What an Eye!”
She was extraordinary — raising four kids, and all the relentless daily obligations and responsibilities that come with that, yet still making Christmas a Season of Beauty and Magic that is as indelibly etched in my memory
as HARRY POTTER’s time at Hogwarts
or those three children crawling through the back of their wardrobe…

When I decorate the Christmas Tree, I can still hear her voice in my head.
Years ago, she would sit quietly on the couch doing the myriad of tasks that Italian Mothers do at the Holiday Season.
Cooking and preparations,
Sorting bargains,
Writing cards,
All of it
And All at Once.

I would be trimming the Tree,
and seemingly without looking up from her sewing or whatever task with which she was intently engaged,
She would point out,
“You’ve Got a Wire Showing.”

MAMA didn’t like that.
She understood the Effort of Effortless Beauty.
She understood the Importance and Effect of making things look Just So.
From her perspective 6 or 8 feet away on the couch,
She could see blank spots on the tree,
Places where the lights were uneven.
“You’ve got a space,” she would say,
pointing her finger toward a spot on the Tree
“…Riiiiight There!”
And as if she had turned on a laser light beam,
I would instantly see the flaw illuminated,
And moving the ornaments around a bit,
I would correct it.

IMG_5832MAMA knew that Lights were connected on a wire,
And that that wire was woven throughout the Tree.
She just didn’t feel the Wire needed to be Showing.
“Tuck them in,” she would say.
MAMA insisted upon the highest level of Beauty
Even in our simple and humble Bronx Apartment.
She knew there were wires.
The Christmas Tree was not the place for them to be on Display.
Christmas was a time for Magic
And Sparkle
And Lights on Display.
It was our job to do it well
And in a way that hid the wires
It was ours to Create Magic.

This Christmas Holiday,
Show your Magic!
Hide your Wires!
Put your Magic and Sparkle on Display.

IMG_5834I remind myself:
Being a Gracious Guest or Host — Magic and Sparkle.
Resenting your Guests or Host — You’ve Got a Wire Showing.
Concentrating on Giving Everyone you meet the Gift of a Cheerful Disposition — Magic and Sparkle.
Getting caught up in Gifts you Give or Receive being somehow not enough —
You’ve Got a Wire Showing.
Kindness, Gratitude, and Loving Others — Magic and Sparkle…

This, Holiday, there is no need to show any Wires.
We all know it takes a lot to do all this.
Let this Holiday be one of Sparkle and Magic and Beauty.
Let’s Hide our Wires.
Keep our negativity out of sight
Leave our Ugly Sweater in the closet.
Wear your Best.
Feel your Best.
Give your Best.
Do your Best.

And if resentment or unpleasantness begins to creep into the conversation,
Hear MAMA’s voice saying, “You’ve got a wire Showing!”
Tuck it away.
Knit Beautiful Memories with the time.
Make this a Special Christmas
The Year that…
You get to fill in the Blank.
You get to Create the Memory.
Make it one worthy of your Powers of Creation.
Make this the year you diffused that argument.
The year you Helped a Lot.
The Year you had Such a Good Time.
It’s up to You.
We all know your Family’s Crazy.
We all have a Crazy Family Too.
We all shout.
We’re all tired.
It’s too easy to complain about the Holiday Madness.
Let’s make it about something else this year.
And while we’re at it, Let’s make it about something Wonderful!

Less about what we Get
And More about what we Give to others…
The Spirits have done it all in one Night.
You get another Chance
Beginning Now…

Lights On.
Tuck away your wires.
Shine Brightly.
It all emanates from You
You are the Creator of this Season of Giving!
Make it a Good One!
Are you waiting for Santa?
You ARE Santa!
In the Present Moment!
That’s Your Present!
Reach in your Magic Sack and Give that Boy the Bell from your Sleigh:
Proclaim with Glee, like TOM HANKS’ Avatar: The First Gift of Christmas!

Burn Brightly.

Merry Christmas!
# # #

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  1. Erika Alvarez

     /  December 25, 2015

    Thanks, Arnold. Your MAMA sounds like quite a lady! I wish I’d gotten to know her. I’m reading this Christmas morning, before anyone else is up, getting myself ready for a busy day as we’re hosting our family for Christmas this year. So this is my quiet time before the madness. What a great piece to read. It’s given me a wonderful anchor for the day. No wires showing!

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend, to you, to Damon and to your wise and loving MAMA!





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