No Apologies!

The view from a Subway Platform earlier this week

The view from a Subway Platform earlier this week

I make No Apologies!
I think that Life is Beautiful
An Awfully Wonderful Adventure
A Gymboree for the Soul
An Opportunity to learn Forgiveness and Strength and Surrender
To be In Relationship with One Another — All of Us
To develop Attributes and cultivate Spiritual Values
And I don’t think there is Any Such thing as a Bad Year or even a Bad Day!
I make No Apologies for that!

I used to.
As I came of Age somewhere in the Last Century,
It was a popular phrasing to say,
“I don’t mean to sound All PollyAnna about this, but…”
It wasn’t until some 15 years or so ago that I decided to watch POLLYANNA
and find out what it was So Popular to try Not to Be!
And I watched, as she played “The Glad Game”
and tried to find something to be Glad About in Everything.
And it made Marvelous Good Sense to me!

I recently saw a friend I’d not seen in awhile.
He said to me, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I was glad to see 2014 go! 2014 was a very bad year!”
“I don’t have bad years anymore,” I told him.
I explained that three years ago, my organs failed and I was at 10% kidney function and came very close to dying.
In fact, left to its own devices, my body was done. My time was up.
It is only through the Miracles of Modern Medicine that I am here at all.
So this is Bonus Time,
I have been given the Gift of seeing it All for the Gift that it is!
Every Human Being I encounter
Every taste
Every touch
Every Fragrant Perfumed Flower
Every note of Music
Every Glimpse of Blue Sky — Have you taken time at all today to really look at,
and take in, the sheer Magnificence of Sky?

The Sky, just the other day

The Sky, just the other day

Every Wonderment
Sleep — that State of Restorative Wonder!
The way the Brisk Winter Air Chills
And Every Ray of Sunshine Warms
This First Day of Spring, with the Beauty and mindbending contradiction of it’s relentlessly peaceful Winter SnowFall
The Gift of Work to Do
A Place to Live
And People to Love
…Where did I go Right???

What did I do to deserve this Adventure in Loving and this Sensorial Feast?

The First Day of Spring 2015

The First Day of Spring 2015

Of course there are assholes.
I am not Oblivious.
Like that Imbecile throwing that snowball on the floor of the Senate a few weeks ago — would that our Elected Representatives were more Educated or Less Machiavellian! (I don’t which is worse.) (Yes, I Do.)

Nevertheless, I Do Mean to get All PollyAnna about it!
Yeah, I want to fight against the Injustices perpetrated upon us
by Ignorant, Bigoted, and Greedy People
I grew up in the Sixties!
I Feel the Outrage!
And their Actions Must Not go without Acknowledgement, Objection, and ReDirection.

And No, I’m not the Richest nor the Prettiest Person in the World!
Heck, I’m not the Richest nor the Prettiest Person in my Building (and there are only six apartments!)
I’m not even as Rich nor as Pretty as I, myself, used to Be!

But I also know that we are here for the Brief time that we Are!
And in the midst of Vast Socio-Economic Problems
and a Hostile Treasonous Congress,
that the Sky looked particularly Magnificent Today.
The SnowFall was pure Magic — Imagine coming to Earth for One Day and getting to see That Miracle!
I got to have Dinner with MOM.
I have a Really Great Partner,
Fascinating Work,
and Countless Blessings too!
And the Fights to be Won
and the Challenges before us as a Population of the Earth
do not in any way invalidate the Beautiful Gift of this Day!
Glad does not mean Oblivious.
One can have a strong Socio-Political Consciousness and Live Gratefully.
One can see oneself as one truly is, for all one’s flaws,
and still find So Much about which to be Grateful!
I never see a Need to Apologize for How Good it All is
For our Own Happiness and Delight
And for our Unreserved Belief in the Promise of Spring!

Last Evening: The Spring Equinox, Super Moon and Solar Eclipse

Last Evening: The Spring Equinox, Super Moon and Solar Eclipse

This Life is a Miracle.
This Day is a Miracle.
And I make No apologies!

# # #

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  1. Darcie

     /  March 21, 2015

    Beautiful! This ministers to me so much today.

  2. Carlos Álvarez

     /  March 22, 2015

    Wow! Great expression of a most enlightened perspective on life that we should all be blessed to have.


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