Twenty Minutes on the Train

TimeFliesRushing amidst a very full day:
Work Responsibilities
Taking Care of MOM
So Many things to Do

And only twenty minutes to write.


I immediately pop into a place of resentment and scarcity.
“That’s All?”
“Only twenty minutes?”
“There are Rivers inside of me.
Tsunamis in need of expression, and I get only twenty minutes?”

TimeSpiralThen it suddenly dawns on me,
How Amazing it is.
Twenty Whole Minutes.
A Third of an Hour
As much time as one might take for a meal
or a nap;
a mediation that could change one’s entire day for the better
or an indulgence of some kind…
And here
That Whole Twenty Minutes Just to Write
Without Interruption
To Stare at the Blank Screen
Or the Blank Page if I choose
(I have both with me at the moment. I am fully prepared for this Gift from the Universe. Showing up for my Life. And Ready to Make a Gift of this Gift…)
I am Ready!
And that Readiness makes me suddenly feel as if I can do Anything!
Resentment has no place in this…
It’s merely the knee jerk reaction of a culture
which makes us believe in the concept of “not enough”
But in this moment, I choose Abundance!

Twenty Whole Minutes!

When my DAD was dying of cancer — if an Angel appeared and said,
“I can give you Twenty Minutes of Good Health to enjoy right now.
Would you like it?”
Would he not have Jumped at the Chance?

If someone imprisoned in the Middle East
were granted Twenty minutes of sunshine,
would they not run toward it with arms outstretched?

If we were offered the chance to have just twenty minutes more
with someone we Love who has passed on,
would that not be the Greatest Gift imaginable?

And So, I Jump at the Chance!
I embrace the Marvel and the Wonder of Twenty Minutes.
I allow the Volcano inside of me to erupt with Gratitude;
I embrace the Abundance and Richness of the Moment;
I write this.
And I pose the Question…

If you had just Twenty Minutes to yourself today, what would you do with it?
How will you spend your Miracle?









# # #

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  1. I am leaving a comment so I can see what you were talking about earlier Arnold 🙂 And also because I want to anyways! If I had 20 minutes, hmmmm….such a deep question. I wouldn’t spend it alone. I would spend it reaching out to someone . Creating a miracle for someone else that in turn would be my miracle (for givers of miracles receive miracles). That is what I would do. P.S. your comments section looks fine here, but we can play with ways to enhance the experience. I see you already have the share this thing on your post, so that is good. However, it looks like at present mostly people can comment with WordPress/Gravitar, Twitter or Facebook. I will go over some of this with you soon! XOXO Rebekah

    • Thanx, REBEKAH! For anyone who may not already know, REBEKAH is an Awesome WordPress Expert, and offers a WorkShop called Weaving Wondrous Websites to help us Bloggers on this Adventure… Visit her at

  2. Ric

     /  June 30, 2014

    Thanks, Arnold. John makes me ache a bit inside- he was such a prototype for the men I liked for a long time. Very poignant.


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