Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year
Jewish New Year
Regular New Year

So many different Calendars
So many different ways to tell Time
So many methods to measure the Moments…

The Lunar New Year is a time for Celebration
Also for Clearing Out the Old and Making Room for the New…
Letting Go of anything that’s broken or worn out — or Getting it Repaired;
Buying fresh Table Linens…

I Celebrate them All!
I Celebrate Rosh Hashanah
I Celebrate Lunar New Year
January 1st, as previously discussed, is the Seventh Day of Christmas —
not an ideal time to Clean House…
So, as a World, we are Given these additional Opportunities…
To Renew
To Take Stock
To Let Go of the Clutter and the Broken Things…
To Make Space
To Embrace the New

4712, the Year of the Wood Horse, began on January 31st,
the darkest day in the Lunar Cycle,
and the Celebration continues through February 15th
when the Moon is Brightest
Though the Celebration is often shortened in the US, in China, it is still underway.

What can we Let Go?
What are we holding onto that isn’t serving us anymore?
Is there something New we have been resisting?

Let us Embrace
Let us Welcome
Let us Begin

Time to empty that sink of those dirty dishes…
Time to let go of those worn out clothes…
Time to Make Room in our Living Spaces and Our Hearts
Time to Forgive
and Ourselves

The Year of the Horse has begun…
Free and Wild
Racing Forward…
Graceful and Beautiful
And Moving us Powerful Fast
Toward Something New
Something Unexpected
Something that could very possibly be Greater than Anything we could have
Imagined for ourselves…

This article from THE INDEPENDENT offers predictions for each of us in this year of the Wood Horse…
“What the Year of the Horse means for You”

# # #

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