Crazy Grateful

Crazy Grateful!
I am Crazy Grateful today!

Ten Months ago, we received some tragic news.
My Partner’s MOM had had a massive heart attack.
She has been in a Vegetative State since then.
Lots of Prayers…
Lots of Hope…

In the meanwhile, my Partner and I are living on opposite Coasts due to work.
We try to be together, one way or another, at least a week every month.
Ten days when we’re Lucky.
Five days when we’re slightly less lucky, though still Lucky.
This Morning, just as I was leaving to return home
We got the call that his MOM would probably die today.
We rearranged our Lives in a matter of hours, and were on a plane to see her to say, ‘GoodBye.’

I am So Grateful
that I get to be with him;
that he doesn’t have to go through this alone.

Oh, I know what you were expecting.
To be So Grateful, I must be about to tell you that
Our prayers were answered and she came out of it.

Well, our Prayers were answered.
Perhaps not the answer we might have liked or been hoping for…
But I got to be by his side.
And I get to be with him through this difficult time.
And I cannot help feeling
His MOM had a hand in that.

As a Friend of mine says,
‘It Comes the Way it Comes!’
God is Present
And the answer to our prayers Comes the Way it Comes.

From the airplane
Above the cloud cover
We watched the Sunset
It was the Most Beautiful Orange Color I had ever seen
Blazing Across the Sky
A steady bolt of light
Pretty much the entire flight…

“My MOM’s favorite color is Orange,” he told me
As I clasped his hand…

Orange Bolt of Light Carrying Us to our Destination

Orange Bolt of Light Carrying Us to our Destination

#  #  #

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  1. Annette

     /  February 7, 2014

    Eve and I send Damian and you our condolences. We are glad that you have each other and can take care of each other. We send you both hugs.

  2. Lauree

     /  February 7, 2014


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Thank you for bravely sharing your gift and for being there for me. ILY

  4. Susan

     /  February 18, 2014

    Q what can I say except that prayers are answered and I love you both


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