After the Rainbows: A Satirical Essay

BeckyDear BECKY,

No need to Worry!
It’s been over a Month now.
People have forgotten it even happened.

As CHAD GRIFFIN, Head of the Human Rights Campaign, was quick to point out on FACE THE NATION the very next Day,
You know, in a majority of states in the country still today, after this ruling, you can be married at 10:00 a.m., fired from your job by noon, and evicted from your home by 2:00 simply for posting that wedding photo on Facebook.”

Our sense of self-privilege is perfectly protected.
This is our America, not theirs! (more…)


IMG_4539To the Lovely People with whom I had EASTER DINNER,

Thank You!
The Lamb was So Delicious!
The Asparagus So Green and Tender!
The Potatoes roasted to perfection!
…All served on Royal Doulton China, no less!

There was that moment in the middle of the meal when the Hostess, apropos of Nothing, blurted out, “UH! And isn’t it Terrible what is Going on in Indiana! How about That!”
Of course, I’ve been hearing that all week long, so it seemed topical.
That is until the part I have not heard before amidst my social circles…
“Those poor people having their Religious Freedom Attacked!”
“And Those Corporations pulling out! And trying to pull the BasketBall away! It’s such an Assault!”
“The headline in the paper read, ‘Will Not Serve Gays!’ and it wasn’t even True! They didn’t say that they wouldn’t serve Gays! They just said that they wouldn’t cater their Wedding!”
The thick rumble of “DAMN that Liberal Media!” was palpable in the room.
I summon my Inner JON STEWART! (more…)