Blood On His Hands

A Rendering from the Internet

I generally try to keep a positive attitude.
But how can one keep silent!?
And is Speaking Out against injustice not ultimately a positive statement?
In the description of this Blog it promises that I offer a Mostly Positive Outlook with the occasional Political Rant!
Today, a Political Rant…

It is also worth mentioning that part of why I struggle with posts such as this is that I’ve no wish to contribute to the divisiveness that has overtaken this country – and yet, can we not all agree…
His Entire Administration has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!



A Dozen or So Bathing Suits to Try On

A Dozen or So Bathing Suits to Try On

It’s that time.
I need a new Bathing Suit.

I’ve always been a bit of a Bargain Hunter.
Not one to purchase clothes in a new Season as they are introduced at Full Price.
More often I shop a Season behind…
Autumn Clothing when it’s on sale in the Winter.
Bathing Suits in August.
Summer Clothing in the Autumn…

And so, Finding myself in downtown Seattle for a handful of Joyful Reasons,
Off to MACY*s I go. (more…)