Start Something


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Start Something!
Start Something with Courage, Confidence and Compassion!

BRENT CARVER, one of our Community’s most Gifted Actors, once defined, the three basic requirements for good acting: Courage, Confidence and Compassion.

BRENT died a few weeks ago, marking a profound and tragic loss to the Theater, both as an art form and an industry! His unique Talent was somewhat unmatchable…

Are you sad and angry and confused right now?
I am!
How can anyone not be!
Will we have a Second Wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic in a few months?
And how can we, when we seem to be still in the midst of the first wave?
How will teachers and students and families manage the school year?
And what is happening with that, and where?
How can we improve policing in our Communities?
And perhaps most importantly, how can we Vote this year and make sure that our Vote will be counted?
The swirling angst in the air since this current presidential administration took office four long years ago is palpable. And it does not seem that anyone with any kind of a conscience is immune to it!
How are we to move forward from here?

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So many “How” Questions!
And How did we get here?

How can be such a misleading question.
I find that mostly I don’t know the How.
Think about it! The Most Exciting and Wonderful Things we’ve ever done are for the most part things that we entered into without knowing the How!
That is not the thing we need to know.
In order to Move Forward from here,
All we need to do is Start!
Take an Action!


A Cartoon from the Internet

RED BURNS was the founding Chairperson of the then newly formed Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
Telecommunications was a burgeoning new field in the World.
She used to say, “You know, very rarely are we actually qualified for the job for which we are hired!” adding that in any job we start, we usually lack the experience to do that specific job!
It was all about a Leap of Faith!

So, if we are feeling like we don’t know what to do…
Let’s just start!
Courage. Confidence. And Compassion.
A Leap of Faith!

Judaism Faith as Protest

A Post from the internet

Start Something!
Sure, the Performing Arts industry is temporarily decimated, and we may not know quite what to do – or how.
What if we just looked inside ourselves and asked what we could do to make the World a Better Place;
What would make us Happy?
And then, what if we just took an Action?

Any Actor with the most basic training understands that the first thing to do when approaching a scene is to decide upon an Action to Play. Then, everything works Better!
We don’t need to know How we are going to get what we want right away.
We just need to make a choice about What we want and Go For It!
And then there is the Process of Rehearsal,
during which if we choose an Action and we try it, and it doesn’t work for us, we get to choose another Action.
Life is like that, too.
We can make mistakes. We can try something out and if it doesn’t work, we get to pick again!

So, what if we tried that now?
What if we take an Action and just see how it feels?
And after we take it, if it doesn’t feel good, we can choose a different action!
And instead of beating ourselves up for trying something that didn’t work, we can commit to enjoying the Process! …Like Rehearsal!

Many of us don’t currently have the jobs that we’re used to having,
Or even a way to make a living at the moment…
Questions… Big Questions… are looming in the air, and we want answers!
We want some security… some Guarantee.
But Life doesn’t offer Guarantees!
Surely we have learned that by now.
As Helen Keller put it, “Life is either a daring Adventure, or nothing.”
And so, Dare!
Dare Greatly!
Take an Action!
Do something different!
Do something…
Try something new without any expectation of result!
Enjoy the sheer pleasure of Doing!
Approach it with Courage. Confidence. And Compassion.
And Trust…
That All is Well!

You are a Beloved Child of the Universe!
Take a Leap of Faith!
Start Something!

Have a Listen… Because, BON JOVI… as if we could Love him More!

…And just so you know how it happened, this Terrific Creative Work grew out of him from Showing Up for his Life and washing dishes at his Soul Kitchen… Taking a Leap of Faith, Doing what he could…
Start Something!

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