A New Year Begun

Image from the internet — 2019 spelled backwards indicates a year ahead of Romance, Passion, and Love

What a Beautiful Simple and Delight-FULL New Year,
Brimming Over with Promise!
And Just Begun!

This New Year’s Eve, I found myself with a Spectacular Office overlooking Times Square, with a terrace outside the window, providing a direct view of the Ball Drop a hundred yards away!
Friends told me that I would be the New Year’s Eve Date to Get this year!
What most folks do not realize is that to get into that area of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, one must get to the building before the streets are closed off, around 1pm, and hunker down for some 11 or 12 hours until midnight.
But the thought of having that entire day at home with my partner — writing and cooking and enjoying gifts together, and our Delightful Christmas Tree — simply Won Out!
Having lost some Good Friends over this past year,
Every moment seems even more treasurable than the year before!

It is So Full Of Wonder to have choices about how to spend our time.
My choice this year gave me a chance to reflect upon this New Year beginning…

Image from the Internet — Looking Back & Looking Forward

Here are Three Things I have learned about a New Year Begun:

Cartoon from the internet — Not a fan of “Resolutions”

1. There is plenty of time for New Year Goals and Actions to begin on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — the third Monday in January.
January First is the Seventh Day of Christmas! Why would anyone want to interrupt this Joyous and Fun-filled Time with any kind of rigidity, such as starting a diet and workout routines?
I Celebrate the entire Twelve Days of Christmas and then after January 6th, take the Tree Down and get the apartment back together. (Somewhere in there, I get my Holiday Baking Done and eventually start on a Christmas Card Story of some sort.)
Beginning any new routines MLK Day Weekend allows space for us to begin such routines even a little earlier than the newly projected start date, if we choose — space for trial and error, and to acknowledge that this is less about a New Way of Life, and more an integrated process that may start and stop and start again, and that’s OK — as long as we Keep Going!

Image from the internet — Keep a positive mindset

2. My GrandMother used to say something in Italian that roughly translated as, “Whatever you are doing at midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’d better enjoy it, because it’s what you will be doing all year long!” While I do not accept GRANDMA’s superstitions as any kind of a sentencing, I very much like the idea of enjoying ourselves and Following our Bliss as a way to ring in the New Year…or a way to spend any moment or period of time, for that matter!
Let’s Follow Our Bliss!

My friend SHARI’s New Year Jar

3. I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. But I Love the idea of Reaching Higher! I Love the idea of following a positive Vibration, and vibrating that Good Feeling outwards into the World! So, let’s think about the Feelings we would like to have. Instead of a list of ‘resolutions,” what if we put some energy into what we would like this year to Feel Like –maybe thinking about that now, maybe even jotting down some thoughts about it — and then give some thought to the things we can do that make us Feel that way…

Let’s think about how we would Like to Feel
in how we Live our Lives in this New Year, or simply in this Present Moment,
And Let’s Enjoy that Feeling,
And Do more of the things that make us Feel that way!
Let us Welcome Actions that support those Good Feelings!
(Let’s not hurt anyone else in the Process!)
And let us Allow this New Year —
Our Very Lives, in fact —
To be Acts of Creation!
Let us Create the Life we Choose to Live
in pursuit of the Feelings we’d like to Feel!

WAYNE DYER says, “The answer to ‘How?’ is ‘YES!’”

Cartoon from the internet — a bit of musician humour

Let us Embrace this New Year!
Let us make this a Year of YES!
Today, we Begin our LifeTime of YES!

Welcome to this pre-planning Stage! Now through January 21st…
This week we are inundated with ads for Weight Watchers, Gym Memberships and Fitness Products!
Let’s Face It — a Fitness Routine and a renewed Commitment to Health is an Awesome thing, any time of year!
But Commercials and Advertising work on the premise of making us feel that we are not enough, thereby creating a need to purchase the product offered — A Successful Ad Campaign makes us feel bad, so that we will buy things!
Instead, let us allow these, and other voices we may hear to be nothing more than suggestions of activities…
And Let us, instead, concentrate on how WE FEEL…
And How we would LIKE to FEEL!
Then, let’s think about what we can do to FEEL more of these Good Feelings —
What actions would we like to take?
We are empowered to pick and choose those Actions
In Support of our Creative and FULL OF WONDER Selves!

Cartoon from the internet

With Best Wishes for a New Year Ahead,
And these Grand Finale’ Days of Christmas
And Kindness
And Joy
To Celebrate,
To Act in Radical Kindness,
To Begin to think about what makes us Happy.
To look toward a New Year Begun,
When we Begin It,
Which, for me, will be Monday January 21st this year!

There’s Time…

Pooh Image from the internet

# # #

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  1. Asha

     /  January 17, 2019

    Love this! I believe in the power of our WholeHearted Yes!!! Even offered a 21 day free inspiration around it … reading this reminded me of the power of our yes!!! Beautifully expressed as always!!!! Celebrating your YES to love in all its forms!


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