Surprises and Delights

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Earlier this Summer, my Partner and I took an Abraham Hicks Cruise to Alaska.
What a Wondrous Experience!
If you are not familiar with Abraham Hicks,
You might be interested in visiting to find out more about it.
It is very much about Law Of Attraction Based Thinking,
And it is Fascinating and Life-Affirming in Big and Beautiful Ways!
To be somewhat immersed in these Beautiful Thoughts and Enlightenments in such a Beautiful Setting is an Experience I shall not soon forget!

One of the things Abraham spoke about was Letting Life Surprise and Delight Us!
Get ourselves to a Refreshed Neutral Vibration.
And then, Begin our Day, Willing to Receive all of the Surprises and Delights which the Universe has in store for us!
As we allow Life to Surprise and Delight us more and more,
We find ourselves Continually Surprised and Delighted!
This is So Very Much in keeping with my Idea of a Benevolent Universe!
I simply cannot abide some idea of a vengeful God!
I Believe in a Loving God… a Loving Universe!
I know! How is it possible to Believe in a Loving Omnipotent God and some Divine Order in a World in which dONALD tRUMP is President!?
It sometimes feels as though it all just doesn’t make sense!

I did tell a Vedic Astrologer that it felt to me like the World was going to end.
He looked surprised at my estimation and replied, matter-of-factly,
“Well, according to Vedic Astrology, that is not scheduled to happen for another Fifteen Billion Years.”

Although I Believe with every Fiber of my Being in a Loving and Benevolent Universe,
it had not occurred to me to approach the Day as an Adventure Embracing all of the Surprises and Delights which the Universe has in store for me!
What a Full Of Wonder Approach to the Day!
And I Love It!


The other Day, a friend purchased a Greek Iced Coffee in my Neighborhood.
I tasted it, and was reminded of the Espresso Shakes I used to make from Coffee Concentrate — I think now they call it “Cold Brew,” but I have been making it for some 30 years.
Over time, as things got busier, I stopped blending it into a Frappe.
Increasingly hurried in the Morning, I would simply pour the Coffee Concentrate over ice with some skim milk, or dilute it and drink it as hot Coffee.
But it’s been years since I had a LowFat Espresso Shake!
The next morning, I got up and took out my old Osterizer Blender — I like it So Much more than my new Fancy NutriBullet (which does not chop ice!)
I poured ½ Cup Coffee Concentrate and ½ Cup Skim Milk,
Blending it together into Frothy Morning Deliciousness!
I added a few Ice Cubes, Blended that together, and YUM!
When the Old Stuff in your Kitchen Cabinet can create Surprises and Delights for your Morning, the Day is Off to a Good Start!

Earlier this week, I took MOM to the Doctor!
My COUSIN ALICE, who died some years ago at Ninety Years Old, Loved Cuckoo Clocks!
Everytime I travelled to Europe, I would bring one back for her — not such an easy trip, carrying such a Large and Fragile item, but a JOYful one!
She Loved them So!
I was rushing through Grand Central Station and a New Window display was up in one of the shops there:

This Surprised and Delighted Me!
An unexpected “Hello!” from COUSIN ALICE in the Morning!

At the Doctor’s Office, we had to go down a Hallway and to another area of the office to get MOM her Flu Shot.
We had to wait a fairly long time for the Nurse to show up.
Directly across the hall from where we were standing, a Doctor had his Door completely covered with countless Photographs of Beautiful Children! I gathered that he was a Pediatrician. But perhaps he was just prolific!
In an Office filled with so many bare wood doors,
And in a world filled with Digital Photographs,
This Surprised and Delighted Me!

Yesterday by some series of Crazy Miracles, I caught the 3:55 train from Grand Central…
The Last Non-Rush Hour Train — hence avoiding the Five Dollar UpCharge!
I have enough of my Father in me that it Delights me to avoid an UpCharge!

Bread, safely ensconced in the side of my KnapSack, with me finally seated after a Long Run!

I grabbed MOM’s favorite Bread at the MarketPlace — the Sesame Seed Baguette!
The Balance of Timing involved quite a Healthy Length of Sprinting, at fairly high speeds!
So I got the Bonus of a Workout, in addition to Getting the Bread, and Making the Train!
It was a Surprise and a Delight for the Timing to work out that way!

Stayed with MOM overnight and her clock which chimes on the Quarter Hour was broken.
I had tried to fix it during the day and much to my chagrin, it became clear that it would need to be brought to a Clock Repair Shop.
My Failed attempts to fix it myself resulted in
Sleeping through the Night…
So Peacefully!
How Surprising and Delightful!

This Beautiful SideWalk in Rockefeller Center.
The Constellation Ceiling in Grand Central Terminal.
Holding Hands with my Partner, first thing in the morning.
The Elderly!

Had to run out to get Parsley and Garlic. And Look what I stumbled upon!

Someone You Love!
Someone You Find Sexy!
Someone who Sings!
Letting Go!
Hangin’ On!
Feelin’ Groovy!
This Crazy Delicious Autumn Weather we are Having!
Mother Nature!

Today’s Amazing Autumn SunShine

A Lovely Thought!
A Nod from a Stranger!
Someone Holding the Door for You!
Holding the Door for Someone Else.
The Voice of Barbra Streisand
Or Frank Sinatra
Or Ella
Or the Beatles
Or Harry Belafonte
Or Your Own…

Shrimp Scampi… MOM’s Favorite! She was So Surprised and Delighted!

A Kiss!
A Hand!
A Walk in the Fresh Air!
A Warm Cup of Coffee

Always a Delight!

Or Tea
The Sky
A Tree
A Single Blade of Grass
The Timing of Some SomeThing
A Joke
A Song
A Conversation…
Going a Long Distance out of the Way in order to come back a Short Distance Correctly…

Allowing Life to Surprise and Delight Us!
What Surprises & Delights You Today?

# # #

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  1. What surprises and delights me today? This wondrous blog post. You bring joy to my world and a reminder of goodness when the world seems crazy.

  2. I’m so inspired by Abraham. I can only imagine being on one of the cruises. I bet it’s an amazing experience that you’ll probably never forget. Life really is about the small things that delight us though huh? Is to me anyways. Thanks for a good read.

    • Thank You, Wonderful Justin! The Cruise was Amazing! I suggest that you begin manifesting one for yourself… in the meanwhile, enjoy your Journey through So Many Small and Magical and Wonderful Things… XXOO


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