Celebrating Our Labors!

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I heard someone this morning use the phrase,
“If I had a Dollar for Every Time [such and such], well, I wouldn’t have to work, because I’d be a Billionaire!”
Have To?
We don’t Have To.
We Get To!

Today is Labor Day.
It is a Celebration of our Labor, and that we Get To Work.
How Blessed we Are!

What do we Bring to the Table?
How are we Making Better what is Before us?
We are the Agents of Change in the World!
And Hopefully, we are Making Changes for the Better!
A part of how we do this is through our Work.

It is easy to see how GHANDI is an Agent of Change who made the World Better!
But what if I’m just Me?
What if my Job seems less Dramatically Impactful?
If it’s something I just do to Make a Living?
If I don’t affect anyone Directly

But We Do!
We are Affecting Directly Every Person with whom we come in Contact!
Every CoWorker!
Every Vendor!
Every Janitor and Bathroom Attendant!
Every Person with whom we ride the Subway in the Morning, or share the road…

We are affecting every person with whom we speak,
Who speaks to Us!
We are Agents of Change!
And our Employment — our Work — however humble it may seem,
is a Way for us to interact,
And Change the World for the Better!
It is an Opportunity to say, “Thank You!”
And “Great Job!”
And “Congratulations!”
And “How is your family doing?”
And “Let me Get that for you!”
And “May I help You?”

So forget about if we weren’t the first Choice!
Who Cares!
We are the Choice Now!
Forget about the job that Let us Go, unceremoniously.
Onto the New!
We are Much Needed Elsewhere!
Answer the Call!
We do not have the time to expend energy in Negative Thinking.
We must Embrace what is Before Us!
And Take Every Step in JOY and GRATITUDE!
Forget about the comforts and securities we have come to know,
That perhaps we once greeted with resistance!
They will change!
And Change Again!
And as the Seasons grow shorter,
And wisdom grows more Plentiful,
We see that Change is not only a Healthy and Beautiful Thing,
But that we ourselves are its Agents!
And the Job we make for Ourselves,
The World we make for Ourselves,
Is within our Power to Create!
According to most every Religion,
In some Version or Other,
We are Created in the Image of the Creator.
Therefore, logically, it is our Life Purpose to Create!

What are we Creating Today?
What do we Create in our Work?
Is it just about a PayCheck?
Or is there someone there we care about?
Is there Some New Way of Doing Things that we can Create — even a simple task or procedure?
Is there some Kindness we can Share?
Some Compliment we can Speak?
Some Beauty we can Discover and in which we may Delight?

Let us Approach our Work with Gratitude!
Let us Create our Work as a Joyful Activity that we Get to Do!
Something worth way more to us than a Billion Dollars!
Because to a Creator…
To an Agent of Change…
It is!
# # #

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  1. dsbishop

     /  September 4, 2017

    Here’s to “getting to” and to all those who do their work in the world with joyfulness and excellence…like YOU! Keep up your own great work!

  2. What a beautiful perspective, Arnold. Thank you!


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