About That Last Post

Pencil PointHello, Fellow Citizens of the Blogosphere!
I am really struggling with my Writing these Days.
Over the past two or three weeks, every time I sit down to write a Blog Post about Recipes from the Summer or Artistic Pursuits or Gratitude or Miracles, all that comes out is all of the Angst and Fear I am feeling about this Election.
It is Wearing Away at my Insides and Keeping me up at Night.
I finally decided I would write about it, and Post it.
I didn’t like how it came out.
So I wrote it and rewrote it in tiny micromovement windows all week long.
I kept feeling that there was some Higher Perspective Piece I wanted to write — something about us all as One
or Making the Right Decisions
or Respecting one another.
But I guess the information that came to me next was how difficult it is to Respect anyone who could vote for tRUMP.
How does one Respect anyone who would vote for someone So Disrespecting of Others
I am working on trying to find a way to do what the Prophet MICHELLE OBAMA has advised and “When they go Low, [we] Go High!”
My last Post wasn’t so High.
Still, I decided somewhere along the line that the Best I could do this Go Round would be to just Write my Point of View.
So Many People have stated it Better, but I thought, “Write Anyway!”

A few years ago, I wanted to write a piece about the Courageous Women coming Forward at the time: EDITH WINDSOR and WENDY DAVIS, but I was daunted by knowing MAYA ANGELOU’s Beautiful Poem, “Phenomenal Women” already existed, and wondered what would be the point?
SARK, my Writing Angel Guide, asked me in an uncharacteristically stern First Grade Teacher tone “IS MAYA ANGELOU’s NAME ‘ARNOLD’!???”
And she repeated, “IS MAYA ANGELOU’s NAME ‘ARNOLD’!???”

This has become one of my Writing Mantras.
To know that what we have to say can only be channeled through us —
It doesn’t need to be compared to Anyone Else —
And to simply Trust that
And simply Say It
Without worrying about how Good it is….
Easier Said than Done.

But ultimately I was Happy with that piece, “Courageous Women”
[Click the Hyperlink  courageous-women-6-27-13  if you’d like to have a look at it.]

So I try to Write Anyway.

In this last post, I included links to BILL MAHR and AARON BALDWIN (I saved MICHELE OBAMA for a separate post to come later, because THAT WOMAN deserves her own Post!)
I worked on it all day Saturday, although I had other plans (which I never got to!) and finally put up something I felt I could Post.
I wasn’t Happy with it.
But at least it was clear.
It made me aware of just how angry I am! (Perhaps that is the “Something Valuable” that occurred?)
There is a feeling of harsh dissonance in the Post which seems to me to come mostly from recounting all of the tRUMP Insanity over these past several weeks, and the cacophonous Memes about the Unpleasant Issues that his radical idiocy keeps bringing to the forefront.
Maybe it’s also from the responses and the Anger that this entire Election Circus [complete with Clowns!] provokes.
But I think it’s important to say it and to talk about it!
So I summoned my Inner RUTH BADER GINSBURG and I posted it anyway!
I put it up in only a select few FaceBook Groups, three of them SARK Groups.
Some members of my High School Group weren’t pleased with me (again!)
And someone in one of my Writing Groups called it “crap.”
A fair shot I think.
That’s pretty much what I was feeling about it anyway.
So I deleted the FaceBook Posts.
I have left the Post up on my Blog, though it feels So Unsafe Right Now.
I have always struggled with Political Posts and whether or not it makes sense to put them on this Blog — I want this to be a Spiritual Safe Haven.
But All Great Spiritual Leaders from JESUS to GHANDI to MICHELLE OBAMA teach us that the Struggle for Justice is essential to Spiritual Growth and Peace.
Still, I am struggling with the place for such Political OutRage here on this Blog.
I want to say something Original .
Something Great
Something that will help to change the Course of History.
I don’t know if I have that to say — But I can’t say Nothing!
I just want HILLARY to Win and tRUMP to go to Prison and to get back to my Writing!
But I have been feeling like I’m stuck in a Glue Trap every time I go into my Writing Place these days…
Is anyone else struggling with the same thing?
Posting this today, as a PostCard to You from my Dark Place…

Thank You for Reading and for Continuing to come here.

# # #

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  1. I love how you LOVE MICHELLE OBAMA. I love her like that too.
    And I am similarly speechless and needing to vent just to try to clear my air passages and settle my stomach.
    Love and respect to you.

    • Thank You, MELANIA!
      Right back Atcha’!
      I have a Post coming soon on MICHELLE which I think you will enjoy!
      I feel like her presence in the midst of all this is the Universe letting us know that it’s going to be OK! 🙂


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