40 Days

20151017_171456Forty Days until Christmas.
Close enough to talk about it.
The ads are annoying — No one wants to hear Christmas Music before GivingThanks Day!
Really! No One!
And the Holiday Window Displays amount to pandering
A way of coopting some symbol of Cheer and Good Spirits as a way to,
as my Father would say,
“get their hands in your pockets and take what you got!”
Their falseness is quite transparent.

But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to begin the True Work of Love and Kindness.
That’s Right for Any time of year!

I remember as a Boy, running out and doing all my shopping on Christmas Eve.
It was the Climax of the “Twelve Days To Christmas” Number in SHE LOVES ME,
So it made sense to me.
And it was doable.
My Shopping List was small — my Immediate Family and a few close friends.
It wasn’t until years later that BARNES AND NOBLE was open on Christmas Day
And now, of course, all Department Stores are Open Christmas Day
Starting at 8am
For After Christmas Sales.
If we spend Christmas Day at After Christmas Sales,
That’s a pretty clear sign that we are missing the Gift of the Present Moment.
It is our Cultural Ailment.
Christmas Day is not “After Christmas”

When I was a child,
There was much talk of “rushing the season”
But the World spun on its axis more slowly then.
A Day took 24 Hours.
Now a Day takes much less.

Macy's Windows are already up

Macy’s Windows are already up

Take back your Holiday by making Personal Preparations in Advance
Give a handmade Gift to someone special in your Life
Order a customized Mug
Think about a photo Gift — like a Calendar or Cookie Tin — for someone special
Why wait until it will take four weeks to receive your order?
Why not set all of that prep work in motion this Weekend?
This Evening?
Then, when the Big Holiday is here,
You will have Special Unique Affordable and Thought-Full Gifts
On Hand.
And won’t that be Marvelous!
Celebrating Caring
Celebrating Kindness
And grabbing hold of some of the Meaningfulness that’s been Lost.

Here’s the Secret to Christmas:


NYC Subway Ad

It’s not about YOU.

NYC Subway Ad

NYC Subway Ad

It’s about OTHERS.
Everytime I see an ad suggesting that we need to buy Gifts for Ourselves
Or focusing on all we are due to receive
Or suggesting anything as the perfect Gift for Yourself,
I think, “What a Recipe for a Miserable Time of Things!”

If Christmas is about nothing else,
It is about Expressing LOVE and KINDNESS toward Others.
That’s what it’s All About.
In many ways, That’s ALL it’s About!
The Gatherings and Parties and Holiday Cheer
The Gifts
The Cards, E-Cards, Tweets and Tinsel
The Food
The Festivities
The Relatives’ Visits
The Religious Rituals
Decorating the Tree Together or For Others who will enjoy it
All of It!
It’s about Love and Kindness to Others.

StarBuck's Red Cup

StarBuck’s Red Cup

If you are the type who sits around every year at the Holidays, and wonders why you feel No Christmas spirit, perhaps begin to Create Some Now.
It is not too early to think about a Plan for Something that will make you Feel Good.

If you’re beginning to think about what you want for Christmas, try instead making a List of what you would like to Give.
If you’re the kind of person who always thinks how you’d like to give more personal and meaningful Gifts and you never have the Time, Set some of those in motion now.
Make the time Now, while you Can.
If you are thinking fearfully about the Weight you gain
from the copious amounts of Food at the Holidays,
perhaps think about who else you might Feed.
Is there a Homeless Shelter or a Soup Kitchen in your Area that could use your Help? Why wait until Christmas?

20151113_230549YES, it is too early for the store displays and the Holiday Sales E-mails
and it’s never a good time for their hands in your pockets.
But it’s not too early for Kindness.
And it’s Always the Right Time for Love.
Start Celebrating those things now,
And Just Imagine what a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS awaits You!
And by the Way, it’s not 40 days ‘til Christmas.
It’s 41.
Start right there
With the Gift of an Extra Day…
A Present Moment
The Best Present of All!

# # #

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  1. With Christmas in our hearts, anyone can share a joy-filled season. Beautiful, Arnold, just beautiful!


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