Don’t Miss the Miracle

dirtDo you believe in Miracles?

How does the expression go?
“Those who do not Believe in Miracles have forgotten that they are one.”

Years ago, I flew my Brother-in-Law and his family on their first Visit to New York to stay with us for ThanksGiving Weekend.
My partner had always said how he dreamed of a Home with a Rectangular WindowBox filled with bright cheerful flowers.
The day before his Brother and Family arrived, I purchased a terracotta WindowBox and two bright red Cyclamen Plants. The florist told me they could last for a few months, “and might come up for a second year.”
Now, some fourteen years later, the Cyclamen remain a Joyful bright Expression of Life, and remind me of that Wonderful Weekend Together.
Cyclamen like Winter Best.
The Long Hot Summers in New York are not their favorite time.

This past Summer, I was travelling quite a bit, and it didn’t look like they’d make it.
By August, as I was about to depart for another ten day trip. there was literally One Tiny brown-edged Leaf left in a large rectangular pot of dirt. I watered it anyway, gave it Love, and headed for the airport, fully understanding that it might not survive.

To my surprise, I returned to find the pot overflowing with big bright green leaves!
It was a Miracle!
It was the Most Profound Miracle: The Miracle of Life Itself!


It would have been easy to miss it; to take it for granted.
But instead, I let it in…
And all that it meant…
And all that it symbolized…
And the Miracle Continues…
It is Winter, again.
The Cyclamen dance in my sunlit window, a paroxysm of Bright Color and Cheer.


I am So Grateful…
And it makes me Wonder how many Other Miracles take place every day that I may have missed…

Look Around.
Are there any Miracles in your Life that you’ve been Missing?

I invite you to reply in the comments section and share about them here…

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  1. Arnold, that is a beautiful story. I am glad I stumbled on your blog. I look forward to reading more. Brigid


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