Quiescent Faith

Dry Cracked GroundWinter.
The Ground is hard and cracked.
Rows of Barren Trees line the streets.
Nothing is Blooming.
But this does not mean that nothing is Happening.

Under the ground
Where we cannot see
Seeds are Resting;
Roots lie dormant.
Those Beautiful Spring Blossoms that fragrance the air
Could not happen without this very crucial period of Rest and Gestation…
Those Spectacular Autumn Colors would not exist without these early stages
During which
Nothing Happens

Winter Trees

This is not a showy period
It is not a time for flaunting nor admiration nor Laurel Wreaths.
It is a Dark Time.
A Quiet Time
A Necessary Time.

It is a time of Nourishing
And Nurturing
It is a time for the strengthening of Foundations.
It is a time for the Laying of Ground Work.
It is a time when we are protected
It is a time of desolate safety
It is the bleak stillness, out of which torrents of rejuvenation derive.

Winter Scene

Are you in a winter period?
Have things not yet come to Fruition?
Are you paralyzed by Inertia?
Are you fearful Nothing will Ever Happen Again?
Do You deceive yourself that your Most Valuable Years are behind you?
Are you Wondering what could possibly lie beneath such seemingly barren frozen tundra?

Have you not experienced Spring Before?
Do you not recall that your most Fertile Periods of ReBirth are always preceded by Dormant Periods
of Dry Cracked Ground
and Quiescence,
Inactive and Unexpressed;
And do you yet Question the Value of the Season?

Winter Magic

Open to Faith
In Yourself
And in a Universe that has not abandoned You
But plans Only for Your Good.

It is Winter.
Let us Celebrate our Winter Seasons!

Winter Sunrise

And Nurture
It is a Dark Time.
A Quiet Time.
A Necessary Time.

# # #

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